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Simon Drake's House of Magic Halloween

PostPosted: Sep 23rd, '11, 18:21
by A J Irving

My awesome wife got us tickets to this: I was just wondering if anyone else is going or has been to it in previous years. It looks like it's going to be one hell of an evening.

Re: Simon Drake's House of Magic Halloween

PostPosted: Sep 23rd, '11, 18:23
by Stephen Ward
Drake puts on a great show, you will love it.

Re: Simon Drake's House of Magic Halloween

PostPosted: Sep 23rd, '11, 18:43
by daleshrimpton
A pall went last year, he tells me that it was one unforgettable night .
One day I will get to go there. Its not the kind of thing a singleton like me goes to though.:(

Simon and i cross paths all the time on line, but we have yet to meet in the flesh.

Re: Simon Drake's House of Magic

PostPosted: Feb 17th, '14, 01:30
by Mandrake
My son managed to get seated dining tickets for the House of Magic on Saturday and I'm still recovering from a totally gobsmacking evening!

We arrived at 7pm, wandered through the Haunted Garden and were greeted by a tall chap holding a large serving dish with lid - the lid was opened and the disembodied head inside welcomed us to the House of Magic.

Once inside we were free to explore, there’s a large red room cabaret area downstairs with plenty of funfair automata to feed with 20p and 50p coins, the Whispering Chair quietly reveals all about you at at a discretely low volume via headphones, table hopping magicians were in attendance and each one gave a great show. Upstairs is a really grand drawing room, the walls are lined with posters, books, more automata, memorabilia and rather comfy chairs and sofas. There’s a tour of the Haunted Cellar which is in groups of 10 only so you need to get in early for that, the tour is an extremely enjoyable tongue in cheek horror event lead by a liveried footman, plenty of jokes, mild scares as ‘things’ fly all around you.

Food is served from 8pm and at 10pm the cabaret starts, first on was a guy singing some great and very clever comedy songs – a sort of Jake Thackeray style but very individual. Simon then did the next hour which was utterly fantastic, we were right at the front and had a very close view of what went on but couldn’t spot how any of the effects were done. I won’t list the effects he did but they covered a very wide range of styles and involved three assistants. I reckon my jaw was on the floor for most of that hour!

Simon himself went around the house meeting and greeting everyone, ever ready to spend time and chat with as many people as possible.

All in all it’s great experience, if you get chance to go there then you’ll certainly have a memorable time. Magic pure and simple, lots of it and served up by skilled professionals – it doesn’t get any better than that!

Re: Simon Drake's House of Magic Halloween

PostPosted: Feb 17th, '14, 07:20
by mr invisible
Sadly the link isn't working :( But looks interesting.
Regards Garry.

Re: Simon Drake's House of Magic Halloween

PostPosted: Feb 17th, '14, 11:53
by Mandrake
The original link was a while ago and may be out of date - try this one:

The next public nights are March 29th, 26th April, 28th June... several more after those date!

Re: Simon Drake's House of Magic Halloween

PostPosted: Feb 18th, '14, 13:20
by russpie
I photographed it for a film location a few years ago. The house is great, I'm sure the nights are but he himself was really a poor human. He treated his assistant badly, tried it on with mine & belittled close up as "TT toys". I think he's out of touch with the real world. I'm 100% sure that the nights he puts on are a real treat though.

Re: Simon Drake's House of Magic Halloween

PostPosted: Apr 2nd, '16, 12:55
by Mandrake
Simon is selling one of his props, details via Magic New Zealand and there's a link to a vid featuring Simon and Iron Maiden in the 1993 show Raising Hell - almost 2 hours of rock and magic!

    'Simon Drake's House Of Magic' In Central London
    Message by Simon Drake (UK)

    After 20 years of running his own successful venue 'Simon Drake's House
    of Magic' in Central London, Simon Drake needs to clear some space and
    will be getting rid of a few of his original, one-off illusions that he
    has no need to perform anymore.

    This first is a twist on The Elastic Lady Illusion and is in working
    order although it has to be said in 'used condition'. The steel frame is
    very sturdy and if any magicians want to perform it, the elastic parts
    will need replacing and some other parts will need
    re-touching/painting/fixing up. This piece is totally unique in the
    world having been performed in 1993 on the American TV Special, 'Raising
    Hell' in which Simon invited his pals from the iconic heavy metal band,
    Iron Maiden to join him. All performance rights will pass along with the

    To see this effect in full glorious technicolor please go to 54 mins 28
    secs here:" target="_blank

    It will be listed on Ebay from midday GMT on 11th April 2016. Search on
    Ebay for 'Simon Drake unique Magic Illusion from Iron Maiden TV Special,
    Raising Hell'.

    Simon would like to give magicians and magic collectors advanced notice
    of this sale before Iron Maiden fans snap it up. Any questions email:" target="_blank

Re: Simon Drake's House of Magic Halloween

PostPosted: Apr 9th, '19, 07:39
by Mandrake
A rather unique performance from yesteryear by Simon :