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Art of Magic workshop in London

PostPosted: Nov 19th, '18, 01:10
by TStone

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We all eventually reach a spot where we feel stuck, or caught, in our artistic evolution.
A spot where our original ambitions have been both reached and surpassed, and in lieu finding new goals to strive towards, we continue the motions without really getting anywhere. Almost all performers recognize this. But where all other artistic fields have solutions for that, we in magic have none. Professional singers, even the famous ones, still take classes to maintain and further their abilities. Dancers, the same. But for magicians? There is almost nothing.

Not satisfied with waiting for someone else to solve what I myself think of as shortcomings in our educational world of consumerism lectures and solitary autodidacticism, I've done my best to come up with educational alternatives that corresponds with the needs of me and my fellow magicians. You can see some examples from the last 18 years here.

I've made a 3 day compilation workshop to take on the road, which I've given the somewhat pretentious title "The Art of Magic workshop".
Three full days, designed for working magicians and knowledgeable hobbyists who feel stuck in their evolution.
It contains very little of 'sitting down & taking notes', but a lot of hands-on practical work. It has exercises to make you reexamine, question and update the very basics of what you think of as magic. It gives you exercises in dramatic and deceptive structures. It goes deep into advanced misdirection.
The three days contains deep applied theory that will make you head spin, as well as hilarious silliness that will make laugh a lot.
No matter how jaded you are, and the end of these three days, your passion and enthusiasm will have been reignited.

Limited to 12 participants.

April 8-10: London:

Tom Stone

Re: Art of Magic workshop in London

PostPosted: Nov 19th, '18, 09:42
by Mandrake
Thanks Tom, as a valuable contributor to TM and Magic, we're always pleased to hear of your events and activities.

Re: Art of Magic workshop in London

PostPosted: Nov 20th, '18, 13:02
by TStone
Thanks! :-)