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Magic shops in st. albans or near by??

PostPosted: Dec 27th, '03, 21:45
by panther1004

Are there any magic shops near or in st albans?

PostPosted: Dec 27th, '03, 21:56
by BaBaBoom

Try entering magic shop in the search box there :)

PostPosted: Dec 28th, '03, 08:46
by panther1004
WOW! I didnt realise I was so close to emagictricks, can you buy tricks from there or just the site???????(if you see what I mean)

PostPosted: Dec 28th, '03, 08:49
by panther1004
thanks bababoom aswell! Found afew the most promising is

Comedy Factory
Unit 45, Millers Rise, St Albans, AL1 1QW Tel: 01727

heh heh

PostPosted: Dec 28th, '03, 13:59
by magic_panther
coolio! :mrgreen:

PostPosted: Jan 12th, '04, 09:35
by panther1004
grumble grumble :x on
i found a marvin magic shop in luton.
even had a luton address. But grumble when i got there It wasnt there! it was decribed as 3 london road, luton, LU1 ???

That was the spot i was standing but it was just houses. So when i got home i went on the marvin magic page and it turns out it is 3 london road in Markyate! with a completly different postcode.

grumble. dont no where scoot got luton from!

PostPosted: Jan 12th, '04, 10:20
by BaBaBoom
lol, sorry about that.
Scoot doesn't go out and find companies to list, the company goes to them and provides the details they want listing, it is just as likely that either side made a mistake there.
To make sure somebody else doesn't have a wasted journey you might want to email the company and tell them what happened, you never know they might well send you a gift as a sorry :)

PostPosted: Jan 12th, '04, 10:43
by panther1004
indeed bab i was thinking of writing a complaint letter along the lines of

"When I reached the location given on your website, I was very displeased to find that the shop did not exist and the wrong address had been given. This was a wasted journey to me, and for that matter a waste of petrol.. blah blah.."

Good eh?

PostPosted: Jan 12th, '04, 10:57
by BaBaBoom
Indeed, just one question, wont they ask why an eleven year old was driving a car?

PostPosted: Jan 12th, '04, 11:10
by panther1004
Did I say i would mention that? heh :D