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Good Blogs?

PostPosted: Jun 4th, '16, 17:00
by Sanukk

Hi Guys,

Can anybody recommend any good magic blogs? I'm mostly interested in card and coin stuff with a bit of mentalism, but as long as it's good, I'm happy with any magic stuff. I've found a few lists, but they are all very dated and most if not all the blogs are no longer in existence, or rarely get new posts.

Suggestions please.


Re: Good Blogs?

PostPosted: Jun 6th, '16, 12:30
by isb
Not a blog per se, but I can heartily recommend "The Magicians Podcast", a series of (mostly) hour-long magic interviews hosted by Richard Young.

Richard is a professional close-up magician and also performs as part of Young&Strange, an illusion act.
Interviewees include David Williamson, Paul Daniels, Graham Jolley, Dynamo, Piff, Andy Nyman, ...

For further information, Google "the magicians podcast", search on Facebook, or on Twitter (@magicianpodcast) and find the feed on iTunes or podbean. There are 60 episodes currently available.

Re: Good Blogs?

PostPosted: Jun 6th, '16, 14:49
by mark lewis
I have two blogs although I suspect they won't be much good for you. However, here they are for what it is worth.

https://marklewistradeshowmagiciansecre ...

The above mainly deals with trade show magic. This one deals with more general magic.

Re: Good Blogs?

PostPosted: Jun 7th, '16, 11:47
by Boris
You might want to give this one a try:

Re: Good Blogs?

PostPosted: Jun 12th, '16, 16:16
by Sanukk
Thanks guys ;^>