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Matt Johnson

PostPosted: Sep 9th, '17, 18:42
by Magic1Jim

Went to Bradford magic circle last night, Matt Johnson was lecturing. He taught some amazing bits and he's such a nice guy too

Re: Matt Johnson

PostPosted: Sep 14th, '17, 17:49
by bmat
I met and became friends with Matt when I was living in Vancouver. Such a talented magician and a great guy!

Re: Matt Johnson

PostPosted: Sep 18th, '17, 13:06
by Magic1Jim
Absolutely, i was lucky enough to have some time after the lecture with him and a friend of mine

Re: Matt Johnson

PostPosted: May 30th, '18, 02:44
by EndersGame
Did anyone see Matt Johnson's performance in the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent?

Paramedics called on to Britain’s Got Talent stage as escapologist cheats death in stunt horror
Daredevil Matt Johnson had to beckon for help from backstage staff who ran out with a metal pole that helped him escape ... eats-death

You can view the entire video clip of the performance here:

Media is reporting it with headlines like the following:
"Shocking moment live TV stunt goes horribly wrong"
"Paramedics called to set after Matt Johnson's stunt"
"Escape Artist Matt Johnson Gestures For Help During Terrifying Stunt"
"Britain's Got Talent escapologist 'nearly dies' forcing paramedics onto stage mid-performance"
"Paramedics Rush On Stage To Attend To 'Britain's Got Talent' Escapologist"

See here to read some of the press.

What do you think - did things genuinely go wrong, or was this all part of the "act"?


Re: Matt Johnson

PostPosted: May 30th, '18, 13:49
by Magic1Jim
Yeh i saw it, very clever work at play

I'm not sure why tonight's episode has 2 golden buzzer acts on though, it should be one for every day

Re: Matt Johnson

PostPosted: Jun 1st, '18, 06:35
by EndersGame
Magic1Jim wrote:Yeh i saw it, very clever work at play

Yes, he sold that drama very well, even the media were fooled and thought it wasn't part of the plan.

Great for his publicity, and well done to him!