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New "Coins" DVD - Moneypulation (sales email)

PostPosted: Sep 24th, '19, 14:36
by MrCat" target="_blank" target="_blank

Oh My Gosh, this looks insanely cool! ... Any thoughts?

I love the sound of "no gimmics or gaffs"... (just hard work!).

The best and most satisfying fun I ever had learning a trick (despite my distinct love of a good easy self worker and a real simple £1.99 gimmick from a joke shop honed into a lovely load of banter to make it awesome) was when I learned "4 coins through table, one at a time" just pure sleights (a lot of lapping in 3 different ways for extra deception, and a genius 4th move/method as the grand finalle).

I really quite fancy this.

What do you think? A lot of dedication and practice required I expect.

Having watched it a few tyimes now, the promo vids, there are some annoying cuts which always bug us all...Why do they do that when it's just pure sleight and no gimmick/gaff required? Than's kind of annoying me now. It does look awesome. I can see some of the moves, others I have no idea, but I'm just wondering why the cuts?