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Marmaduke the Wonder Mouse

PostPosted: Jan 1st, '20, 02:47
by mark lewis

Normally I consider ebooks to be against the laws of nature but because of the rules of avarice and greed I now have to pretend that I love them. I already have two books up on one of which I have already mentioned elsewhere is my Annotated Royal Road to Card Magic and I have been very lucky to get Harry Lorayne to write the foreword. The other is my Wit and Wisdom book.

However tonight I wish to announce that Marmaduke the Wonder Mouse is now up and running on the site. Of course mice do a lot of up and running so that is to be expected. Here he is on the site: ... 23433.html

Even if you are not particularly interested in the book you may well be interested in this video of the little rodent in action:

Happy New Year!