Halloween Magic from Zach Allen

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Halloween Magic from Zach Allen

Postby bananafish » Fri Oct 22, 2004 2:45 pm

Illuminations by Zach Allen
PDF: $10.00 by emailing zachallenmagic@hotmail.com
Demo Movie at: http://zachallen.sleightgeek.com/Illuminations.zip

Halloween is coming, and this PDF full of ideas for spooky magic. Essentially it makes use of a “black light” and a UV Pen. This shouldn’t put anyone off as both items are readily available and more importantly are cheap.

Black light for those that don’t know is the light that causes white items to almost “glow in the dark”. It can commonly found on key chains, similar to that used for setting the alarm on your car, or they also can be found looking more like laser pointers.

Here is a larger one that would work and costs £8.95

Here is a sexier looking Blacklight Blacklight Keychain which costs $12

Another Blacklight keychain

UV pens are even more common, they may be sold as security pens.

The Effects

As mentioned before all effects are very suitable for Halloween, probably why the reason download will only be available until the end of October 2004.

1. Ethereal

A coin mysteriously vanishes from the magicians hand, and immediately evidence that the spirits have been present is seen. It is mentioned that these spirits are very mischievous and like to play jokes. The spectator’s hands are examined and sure enough one of them is found to be marked. They look in their pocket and sure enough a spirit marked coin is found there…



Nice effect that is guaranteed to send shivers down the spine of the “selected” spectator.

2: Voodoo Vanish

You show a photograh of you and a friend, and claim that using old voodoo techniques you can make the other person disappear.

You bring out a black light source claiming that this is the latest in voodoo technology. The light is shined on the photograph and sure enough has a strange glow around the second person.

The glow slowly fades to reveal that at the same time the second person has been completely erased from the photograph as if they were never there.


I actually love this effect, it has such a lot of potential. The reactions it gets make it well worth making up that.

3: Ideas
As well as the above two fully explained effects there are a further 23 great ideas for which the combination of the Blacklight, UV pen and occasionally other easily obtained items can be put to.

The Review
The first two effects described are also in the Black 7 manuscript. Well worth including again in this one, as they are so relevant to the subject, however I am not convinced that it would be worth getting both.

The “ideas” detailed are just that. Not full routines but more than enough to whet your appetite and start you thinking of many more ideas of your own.

Would I recommend it? well that’s difficult, if I had neither “Black 7” nor “Illuminations” then I think I would go for “Black 7” however if you like the idea of using black light then you should get this just for the ideas. After all $10 is not much to pay.

I can’t find anymore where to get this from so I would suggest you just email Zach at zachallenmagic@hotmail.com and ask.

Zach’s other manuscripts can be bought from his website http://zachallen.sleightgeek.com/ or the www.magic-notes.com site

Bottom Line
Definitely recommended for a Halloween Party…

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Postby ZachAllen » Fri Oct 22, 2004 3:30 pm


Thank you very much for your review. I'm glad you liked it.

My website is currently not letting me access the index, a difficulty I've been having ever since SleightGeek, which hosts my site, was hacked a while back.

So, the only way to order this is to send me 10 dollars via PayPal at my PayPal address, which is:


And make sure to put Illuminations in the subject line, otherwise you might end up receiving one of my other e-books instead.

And like Simon mentioned, this will only be available until the end of October, so hurry fast if you want it.

Thanks for the support,

Zach Allen


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Postby Montz » Mon Oct 25, 2004 11:14 am

Hey Guyz,

If you have Zach's Illuminations, I have a bonus routine I'll send you for free. Just email me at montz@talk21.com and mention the forth word from the introduction of "Illuminations", and I'll send you the routine.



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Postby bananafish » Tue Oct 26, 2004 5:43 pm

Thanks for that Liam, that was a nice presentation...

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