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Postby TheOldForum » Apr 20th, '03, 21:05

Thank you for visiting talkmagic.co.uk, we hope you have a very pleasant experience.

We have a wealth of information right here at your fingertips, including reviews, tips and tricks and restricted areas which are only available to proven magicians - see the details in that section regarding the invitation process. Please note that we are not a teaching Forum as such and can't help with, or condone, websites and other sources which offer 'free' tuition and/or expose secrets.

Age and Status in your Profile
To help other members form a more visual picture, it would be nice to include your age and 'magic status' as a small signoff in your profile.

We're standardising this to an additional bit of info in the Location panel in your profile... and the format is

(??A : ??S) where as the ??A = your age, and the ??S = your status, chosen from the list below...

EN = Eager Newbie
AH = Amateur Hobbyist
SH = Skilled Hobbyist
WP = Working Professional
CP = Career Professional

So, for example - your Location could be

"Kent, UK, (30:WP)", meaning you're a 30 year old working pro...

This is NOT obligatory, but may help during conversation!

Visting Professional Magicians - it would be much appreciated if you could please make yourselves known to one of the Moderators!

Magic Society Committee members - it would be much appreciated if you could please make yourselves known to one of the Moderators!


Now for the Disclaimer - regrettably in this day and age, such things are necessary and we work on the basis that all visitors/members have read, understood and agreed to the following with NO exceptions:

Links, reviews, opinions and information from this website are for your convenience and information, and may lead to services or sites not operated or condoned by the TalkMagic operators, administrators or owners. The site (referred to as The Entity) is provided as a service, and operates on a not-for-profit basis.

Such articles do not imply any endorsement or warranty of a site or service by TalkMagic—which operates as a communal entity managed by the site owner in conjunction with it's members.

The Forum's Owners, Administrators and Moderators wish to make it known that they are not responsible for content, and accept no responsibility or liability for information contained on this site. Regular monitoring by administration staff will keep the site in order, but the owner stresses that any discrepancies or requests for amendment or removal are at the discretion of the elected moderation and administration team, who, accordingly, are bound by honour to act swiftly, amicably and neutrally—with the concerns of the Entity paramount.

The Entity's written consent must be gained before any links are made to this website, and all incoming links would be graciously accepted under the provision that they do not operate on a link-for-profit regime.

The Entity, from time to time, will host reviews, opinions or articles which may be negative, challenging or quizzical—but at no time defamatory—and as such the Entity cannot be held responsible for the opinions of it's members.

These conditions may vary from time to time and it is deemed that all vistors/members frequently re-visit and re-read this section to ensure they are aware of the latest situation.


All information contained herein is proprietary and may not be reproduced, used, manipulated, disclosed, copied or disseminated without the prior written consent of a Moderator, Administrator or the Forum Owner.

And finally..... Talkmagic is sponsored by the advertisers. Please thank them by visiting them.

Best regards
TalkMagic Support Team

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