Ali Bongo Farewell to a legend

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Ali Bongo Farewell to a legend

Postby Les Williams » Mar 8th, '09, 12:09

Its with great sadness that I have received news that Ali Bongo died at 9 am this morning in Hospital.. I can’t say much but what a great man.... .My heart felt condolences go out to Emma and the rest of his family

Good bye Ali......

Les Williams

Postby daleshrimpton » Mar 8th, '09, 12:21

I had the good fortune to meet and talk with Ali many times over the years. for a legend, he was incredibly approachable.
no doubt in the days to come, we will see just how much this wonderful man was respected across the globe.

i'll miss him more than i can say. he was one of my inspirations.

you're like dont say much, but what you do say is worth listening to....
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Postby abecedarianmind » Mar 8th, '09, 12:41

great man, sad day

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Postby cymru1991 » Mar 8th, '09, 12:44

Terribly sad day. The world has lost a man who inspired a whole generation of conjurers. A great man.

James, 19, Lifelong student of magic and will carry on learning for the rest of my days if I'm a very lucky boy.
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Postby Lenoir » Mar 8th, '09, 12:50

A tragic loss.

"I want to do magic...but I don't want to be referred to as a magician." - A layman chatting to me about magic.
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Postby Spanky » Mar 8th, '09, 13:42

This is a very sad day in the magic world.
Great legend who will never be forgotten.

RIP Ali you will be missed :cry: :(

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Postby Tomo » Mar 8th, '09, 13:47

Oh god, no! That's another piece of childhood gone. Deepest condolences to all who knew the great man.

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Postby IAIN » Mar 8th, '09, 14:11

aw no...well, here's to the great man then...long may his name, work and memory remain...thanks for everything mr. bongo...


Postby lindz » Mar 8th, '09, 14:45

RIP Ali and condolances to all of his friends and family.

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Postby saxmad » Mar 8th, '09, 15:15

He gave magic a good name, and we all owe him for that.

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Postby Part-Timer » Mar 8th, '09, 15:31

I feared for the worst when I read that he was in a fairly bad way. I'm sure we'll all remember him for the wonderful performances, books, tricks and ideas, but also for the way he was so helpful to everyone.

I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but like many of you, I loved seeing him on TV, and owned not only a couple of books by him (both of which are a cut above the usual kids magic books) but also a box of tricks he put his name to.

RIP, Ali.

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Postby jhmagic1 » Mar 8th, '09, 16:04

goodbye to a legend

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Postby Rachel » Mar 8th, '09, 16:10


He'll always be remembered. What a guy.

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Postby black hart » Mar 8th, '09, 16:11

When I performed my 'Black Magic Theatre Show and Séance' at the Magic Circle, Ali Bongo was in the audience. I have never felt so nervous - performing in front of such a legend of magic - specially when I found that the working of one of my effects was invented by the great man himself.

A sad loss to the world of magic.

Keith Hart

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Postby pcwells » Mar 8th, '09, 17:07


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