Rules and Etiquette

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Rules and Etiquette

Postby bananafish » Jul 13th, '04, 12:52

To ensure the enjoyment of all TalkMagic members, please follow these basic, common sense rules:

1. No abuse of any kind will be tolerated.

2. No blatant advertising or self promotion is allowed. Please also note that commerical promotion, links to your own trading site, and references to any site which will financially benefit individuals are not tolerated in signatures or messages unless you are a paid member of TalkMagic's advertising. The paid-for advertisers are paying for that exclusive privilege. Spamming of any kind will not be tolerated. Links to sites containing offensive content are not permitted and will be deleted.

3. No copyright infringements are allowed, for example, posting details of copyright routines, commercial products etc...

4. No selling or trading of books, DVDs or other instructions, except when they are accompanied by the relevant props.

5. No swearing, obscenities, racism, sexism, pornography or bigotry of any kind will be tolerated.

6. Please don't ask how tricks are done, it means we're being asked to be giving away other people's secrets which are not ours to divulge.

7. Anyone ignoring the TM rules will be banned without notice.

8. Where possible please try to avoid using "Text Speak" (I.e. txtspk) or abbreviations in any messages posted. It would also be appreciated if messages are checked for grammar, spelling and typos. It is accepted that from time to time bad spelling, grammar and typos will occur, however the over abundance of these mistakes in a message will make it difficult for others to read and comprehend. You are strongly advised to use a spellchecker and read your post over before submitting it to minimise any errors and to ensure others will understand what you're saying. We reserve the right to delete without advice or explanation any posts which are unreadable.

9. You won’t be surprised to hear that over the years, most of the common topics have been discussed so please use the Search Function for previous threads before starting new ones. Although the Search Function isn't 100% foolproof, it will show up a lot of useful previous information. This is especially true in respect of how to get started in magic, basic books/DVDs/props etc recommended for beginners.

10. The same prior use of the Search Function applies to Reviews and Review requests - if there's an existing Review then add your comments to it rather than start another thread.

11. There are other Stickies dotted around the Forum so please check and read them for specific details about other matters.

12. As a member, you must refrain from any form of belittling, defamatory, hostile or punishing remarks towards fellow magcians and/or other members, especially newcomers. Authority at TM is in the hands of the moderators, not the forum members. If you believe you have been treated unfairly, or have reason to believe that comments aimed at you by a forum member are unjust or accusatory, please contact a moderator via private message.

13. Please understand that posts made by individual members are just their personal comments and thoughts which are outside our control. In no way can TalkMagic accept responsibility or be held accountable for them. Any disputes over such comments must be addressed to the person(s) making those comments out of sight of the public areas. It would be appreciated if the Moderators could be advised of such disputes but only to ensure the harmony and well being of the Forum.

14. Appropriate images as signatures are fine but please ensure that they are no larger than about 3 lines of text high otherwise they interfere with reading the text of the thread and may have to be removed.

Best regards
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