Magic Box on the Isle Of Wight

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Magic Box on the Isle Of Wight

Postby danata » Aug 29th, '11, 13:35

I am sure many of you (especially the older ones!) will remember Sid & Eve Edwards from the Magic Box on the Isle Of Wight. In fact they came up recently in discussion with one of my customers. I passed on the sad news that after they left the Island to retire, Sid passed away, & that I had no idea what had happened to Eve.

Can you believe that within two hours of that conversation, I had a phone call from EVE!!! wanting to make a magical purchase for a magic crazy Grandson in Australia!!! We chatted for a couple of hours, & it was wonderful!

Chris Philpott, from the Isle Of Wight, started a group over on Facebook, inviting people to pass on their memories of the shop, Sid & Eve's Grandson (in Australia) did a search on google to see if there was any info about his Grandad & the Magic Shop, & discovered Chris Philpott's pages on Facebook, referring to it........

Eve is quite overwhelmed at the interest even now, in their magical business that they had on the Island, she really doesn't understand it at all! I know that many many people would love to make contact with her again, & she would love to hear from you!! You can find her on Facebook under the name of: Evelyn Douglas Edwards.

Together they made props for many people including Tommy Cooper (Exploding Top Hat, & Walking Through An Organ, which was used by Tommy on the Royal Variety Show).

I have suggested to Eve that she could attend the Portsmouth Jumbo Day, & meet up with many old friends, she does seem to be up for it, I hope she does.............

Please do contact her via Facebook, as I say, she would love to hear from you!

All good wishes.

Mike Danata

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Re: Magic Box on the Isle Of Wight

Postby Mandrake » Aug 29th, '11, 17:39

they made props for many people including Tommy Cooper (Exploding Top Hat, & Walking Through An Organ, which was used by Tommy on the Royal Variety Show).
If I remember right, Tommy's widow Gwen passed the Walking Through An Organ on to Russ Abbott who still uses it in his cabaret acts from time to time.

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Re: Magic Box on the Isle Of Wight

Postby daleshrimpton » Aug 29th, '11, 20:03

once a year Sid would visit Slough,come to the company i used to work at, and buy his nuts,bolts,screws & washers for all his magic .

Peter Hart, & George Hammerton also came to us, so he was in good company. :)

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Re: Magic Box on the Isle Of Wight

Postby Andrew-hickling » Aug 18th, '20, 23:13

Lying in bed in my tent this evening whilst on holiday in the Isle of Wight, I just like to share this with you all.
Today I visited Shanklin and during my trip I walked to what was once the magic box magic shop. Happy memories of visiting this shop in my early 20s im now 54. Walking up palmeston Road I found this old shop to be boarded up and looking in a rather sad condition. As I approached I found the front door to be open.
. Curiously I looked in and found a gentleman sat on a chair who asked if he could help me. Turns out that he is now the owner of the property and is busy working there turning the building back into a house. We chatted for a while about my memories of visiting this building as I remember it when it was a magic shop. I told him that Tommy Cooper use to visit there as that i recall there was once a photo of Tommy hanging on the wall that was taken within the shop.
Even today some 30 plus years on I still have a zig zag card illusion I brought from the magic box.
Great memories of a lovely bricks n mortor magic shop.

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