New TM Competition Rules

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New TM Competition Rules

Postby Mandrake » Mar 11th, '13, 17:23

Based on the old rules posted 15th December 2005 , amended February 2006, and again amended March 2013, the rules are:

1. Any member of TalkMagic is allowed to enter the contest unless otherwise stated by the organising moderator.

2. All contests will have a deadline for entering which will be decided and announced via the Competition Forum (see Rule 8 ). Contributions received after this date, will not be submitted for the contest.

3. All the contributions received by the deadline will be part of the contest and will be possible to vote on unless otherwise stated by the organising moderators.

4. Contributions which do not fall into the genre/topic of the contest will be left out by the moderators at the moderators' discretion.

5. There can be only one contribution per Entrant.

6. All files to be posted on Youtube and the appropriate link PMd to the organisers - see individual competitions for more details. We encourage entrants to limit the size of the videos to 5 minutes and/or 15mb for the convenience of the viewer and there's no real need to use fancy titling, music etc.

7. As a voter, remember that your vote is based on personal preferences. Please follow the sticky suggestions at the top of each contest-thread, detailing areas of performance which should be noted. Vote on your favourite, and try not to be influenced by other votes or the opinions of other voters.

8. Contests are announced 30 days ahead of the deadline (e.g. A contest may be announced on the 1st January and therefore the deadline for submissions will be the 31st January). Contributions will be open for voting shortly after the deadline. Voters will have the opportunity to vote for 7 days. The winner(s) will be announced on the last day of the voting period. The winning submission is the video with the highest number of votes at the end of the voting period.

9. "friend-voting", and spoofing is pretty bad form chaps and is therefore not allowed** .

10. All links/videos to be part of the contest will be announced by the moderator at the opening day of the contest. This is to ensure fairness for all contributors/participants of the contest by making sure no one makes use of another magician’s ideas for the contest.

11. There are prizes for this Competition, apart from the sheer just the glory of taking part, and details will be posted at the start of each individual competition.

12. In the event of any dispute, the Moderators' decision is final.

** Any form of spoofing, foul play, cheating may result in a formal ban from any subsequent competitions held on Talk Magic. This covers any form of cheating, even ways to cause the poll result to be fallacious/misleading. Each case of suspected foul play will be dealt with by the competition organisers and any action will be taken at their discretion.

NB These rules will develop and be amended as time goes by so please check and read them each time before entering any Competition. All amendments will be announced.

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