A request for new TM-ers

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Re: A request for new TM-ers

Postby 7255carl » Nov 14th, '14, 15:46

Hi guys

as mentioned earlier in the thread I was thinking of running a thread, along the lines of my experiences from day one of learning magic onwards, do you need a certain number of posts etc to be able to create a new thread as I tried this earlier in the week but nothing seemed to happen

thanks in advance


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Re: A request for new TM-ers

Postby Mandrake » Nov 14th, '14, 21:49

For all new members the first five posts are held back pending approval by the Modsters, now you have over that number you can post away!*

*within the rules, of course :D !!!

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Re: A request for new TM-ers

Postby isb » Dec 2nd, '14, 15:24

artychris wrote:I've been a Talk Magic member for a few years now, and have seen many people come and go...

I suspect that part of the reason for people moving on is the openness of the forum - anyone can search, anyone can read. Without access to the restricted zone there's an awful lot of judicious editing required to any post to avoid exposure. As people get more experienced in magic the questions and answers they'd post may not be as appropriate for the open forum.

I still pop along here most weeks, and will continue to do so. There are some great threads with some great contributions from some great people. But I would be reluctant to post too much detail on here and equially don't expect to read too much detail - my last interaction on here was by PM to avoid exposure. I'm spending more of my time on some of the closed facebook groups now.


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