Monte Christo - Mastermind Deck

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Postby Johnny Wizz » Jul 23rd, '10, 12:25

This deck is now available in red Bikes from the card collection at £26. Is anyone using this on a regular basis?

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Johnny Wizz
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Postby dat8962 » Jul 23rd, '10, 19:48

It's not a deck that is available that often but one of the best routines I've seen with this deck was by Marc Paul who at the time had a couple for sale at well aboe that price.

His routine was a magician fooler although I can't fully remember how it went it was that long ago.

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Postby magicofthemind » Jul 24th, '10, 10:17

Marc's routine is "the Ideal Tossed Deck". It's in his lecture notes.


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Postby CardMaker » Sep 19th, '10, 11:53

Series 3 of my Monte Cristo Deck is in stock now!

Check it out here:

Click on the picture there to go to the prices page.


Postby CardMaker » Nov 28th, '10, 14:52

Just a reminder:

The 25% off promo ends on November 30th!


Postby FRK » Nov 28th, '10, 20:22

Not to sure about this one, spotted the method almost straight away.

But then again for the layperson it has great potential.....

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Postby CardMaker » Dec 21st, '10, 11:06

Philip Sweeting did a nice review on this deck at
They do offer a promo code (25% off).

Read it here: ... er-review/



Postby EndersGame » Oct 5th, '18, 22:04

CardMaker wrote:

>The Monte Cristo deck will be available (soon) again!
>There you can find a free! download with routines.
>They are good for the recently published Mastermind Deck too.

Is there an updated link for this please? I would love to check out those routines.

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Re: Monte Christo - Mastermind Deck

Postby magicofthemind » Oct 6th, '18, 10:01

There's a routine for the Monte Cristo deck in Walter Gibson's "What's New in Magic". My copy is over fifty years old but there's a modern reprint (although it seems to have been discontinued now). However, Karl Fulves has an ingenious version with ordinary cards; it's in his ridiculously underpriced book "Easy Magic".


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