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Vanish Magazine

Postby Mandrake » Sep 20th, '20, 23:06

Freebies don't last forever and the rather excellent Vanish Magazine is no exception.

The following was recently posted on

    Message by Paul Romhany - Editor Vanish Magazine

    Over the past eight years I have produced close to 80 free issues of
    Vanish Magic Magazine.

    The magazine filled a void in market for magicians with producing
    current and up to the minute stories, articles, essays that are relevant
    to the times. We have introduced artists that would not normally get
    featured in other magic magazines and watched them bloom and grow in to
    well-known performers. We are always on the cutting edge and not afraid
    to look at current world issues and how magicians are affected. We pride
    ourselves on being the most forward thinking magic magazine and offering
    more than any other publication.

    From a personal note, the magazine costs me close to $15,000 a year to
    maintain. The advertising helped pay for a small part of that but the
    rest came out of my pocket. I continued this for eight years but the
    time has finally come to charge a very minimal fee for the magazine. You
    will see that the cost is now $1.99 per issue or buy a year's
    subscription for $11.99. We appreciate your continued support and look
    forward to what we have planned for the future of the magazine.

    You can go to and click on the current edition
    (Number 74) and you will have access to the first 10 pages, if you want
    to read more simply click read more and it will ask you to purchase that
    one or you can subscribe for a year.

    Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to many
    wonderful years ahead with Vanish Magic Magazine.

    Paul Romhany

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