Magic videos?

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Magic videos?

Postby chongjasmine » Apr 13th, '21, 21:06

Besides penguin live and at the table, what other magic videos that feature magicians teaching tricks are there?
Prefer a series.

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Re: Magic videos?

Postby AJ1 » Jan 9th, '22, 14:04

Easy to Master Card Miracles
Easy to Master Money Miracles
Easy to Master Thread Miracles
These are all Michael Ammar videos and have multiple volumes in each.
The Visions of Wonder -Tommy Wonder. A fantastic series.
On the Loose- Bill Malone. Also an excellent series.
Stars of Magic- Paul Harris. There are also many other magicians on the Stars of Magic series.
I have so many other. Alex Elmsley, Richard Osterlind, John Bannon, David Roth, Jay Sankey, Tom Mullica. Check out Magic Warehouse's DVD section to decide for yourself.

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