ID VS Svengali deck

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Wich do you like most?

Svengali deck
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ID VS Svengali deck

Postby andreasolsson » Jan 29th, '06, 10:58

I'm gonna buy some new decks and I dont know if I'm gonna buy the ID or the svengali deck.. Wich one do you think is the best and why?

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Postby Larry » Jan 29th, '06, 16:39

you should take a vote.
mine would go for the ID, but probably because that's the only one of the 2 that i ever use. such a good effect. although i don't like gimmicks that can't be examined. but there are ways around this.


Postby ace of kev » Jan 29th, '06, 19:39

I would go for a regular deck :wink:

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Postby ouch-kabibble » Jan 29th, '06, 19:43

Both decks have completely different effects. The ID can only be used for one effect, the stripper deck can be used for a variety of tricks. However, the effect that the ID can be used for is an incredibly simple one, and a simply incredible one. The stripper deck is usually used to show off the dexterity if the magician.

If I were you I would buy both. It'll only cost about a tenner, it'll allow you to experiment and play with the decks,and you'll be able to decide which deck suits you best. Have fun. :D

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Postby MagicAL » Jan 29th, '06, 20:35

Sorry, I cannot really decide which one of the 2 is the best. I use 2 quite a lot in my routines, as they both can be used for completely different reasons.

I use a svengali myself not as a standalone effect, but more as a utility. I think its a great way for the spectator to force a card on themselves. Although I must admit I often have a svengali in my jacket pocket, as if someone asks to see a trick, I am ready at any time. And as people have said on here before, although the method is starting to get better known, its the way you can present it. The only thing I never do with a svengali now, is to show all cards the same! I know its a very strong visual effect, but it really draws a big full stop to that decks use. Fine if it is your last effect, but IMHO it gives away too much to the spec.

The ID, on the other hand I carry as a complete Insurance policy. In my routines I do quite a lot of haunted pack effects. Mostly Gimmicked ( I will leave the explanation at that ! :wink: ) and some ungimicked (Derren Browns "Devils Picture Book" brilliant!) However if the gimmicked ones dont work for any reason :wink: ( I am sure people know what I mean! ) The ID can always be used as a great out.

Sorry. Dont know if this helps or not! :lol:

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Postby seige » Jan 29th, '06, 21:14


Basically because you can use it for a few more effects than the I.D.

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Postby nickj » Jan 29th, '06, 23:05

Yeah, I'd go for the svengali too. The ID is stunning, but the svengali is far more flexible so that wins it for me.

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Postby magicdiscoman » Jan 30th, '06, 00:56

svengali for me two, i also have a deck with a certain card from a blue deck on the bottom.
a quick shuffle and a cut to bring the card to the middle and........ well you can figure the rest out for yourself.

just a little note a svengali is not a stripper deck, if you were comparing a stripper to an ivisible the stripper wuld win hands down.


A Svengali

Postby jared_magic » Jan 30th, '06, 22:46

A Svengali all the way, the id is a good trick but you can make your own very cheap :wink: (a deck and cheap hairspray), besides, you can "prove" that the svengali deck is real by merely flipping through it. It's not that easy with an id. And the Svengali deck offers more tricks.

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Postby pdjamez » Jan 31st, '06, 17:39

So the consensus is Svengali, unless of course you look at the poll results. :?

For me it has to be ID everytime. I know its a one trick pony, but what a trick.

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Re: A Svengali

Postby aporia » Feb 1st, '06, 20:22

jared_magic wrote: but you can make your own very cheap

do you still need to quote Burling Hull if you make your own or make a payment to his estate? I can see the patter now ...

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Postby dat8962 » Feb 2nd, '06, 01:50

I'm with PDJamez

I use the ID a lot when working but rarely use my Svengali.

Why not buy both as they're relatively inexpensive at around the £6 mark?

Problem solved.

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Postby andreasolsson » Feb 2nd, '06, 08:22

dat8962 wrote:I'm with PDJamez

I use the ID a lot when working but rarely use my Svengali.

Why not buy both as they're relatively inexpensive at around the £6 mark?

Problem solved.

Because where I order stuff they cost like £10 each.... and I needed other things so I couldn afford both.

UPDATE: I ordered ID. Next time it will be svengali.

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Postby katrielalex » Feb 2nd, '06, 09:59

Hmm...sounds like you're being ridiculously overcharged...even with the added shipping a UK site should be a lot cheaper.

EDIT: I take that back, it would still cost a tenner.


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Postby MagicIain » Feb 2nd, '06, 13:34

I know you've bought it already, but I just voted for the ID, as it leaves spectators wondering - the Svengali is more known to laypeople, and so, even after performing a few card tricks even without one, the spec will tell his friends "Oh he did it with one of those fancy decks - you know, the ones they sell on the market where all the cards turn into the 3 of clubs."

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