Terms & Conditions

See 'Trading Post' above, approved items only, personal sales only, no commercial transactions. Posts older than 3 months will be removed, repost if still valid.

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Terms & Conditions

Postby Mandrake » Aug 10th, '06, 10:09

1) No selling/trading of instructions which includes Books, DVDs, Videos etc.... We will allow, and promote, the sales of prop based tricks (e.g. Knife thru arm) but not allow the trade of instruction based tricks (e.g. booklets/videos/DVDs etc.) - basically, if you can still perform the trick after you have sold it, you may not advertise it on this site!

2) No commercial advertising (please)

3) By using this section (either advertising or browsing), you agree that talkmagic (or its parent company) accept no responsibility and are not liable for any purchases or sales made through this site

4) You are strongly advised to make sure that both seller and buyer are aware of their individual and collective responsibilities and that the promised item(s) and/or payment will be exchanged as expected, with due allowance for delays in mode of transport being used. Neither Talkmagic.co.uk nor the Moderators can do anything to resolve any disputes concerning non delivery or non payment.

5) Specifically, Talkmagic .co.uk does not condone or promote the purchase/sale/trade of video or DVD only items, copies of such items, or the process of copying such items.

Best regards
Talkmagic Support Team

And a note from the Moderators...
In layman's terms, the above statement means that...

1: You must NOT offer or request instructional videos/DVDs
2: You must NOT offer or request instructional literature, such as manuscripts, books which describe how to perform effects or tricks
3: You must NOT post links or references which advertise commercial websites or sales for monetary gain - in other words - if you post an eBay link to something you're selling - this is NOT allowed. If you are a trader making money and you post a blatant plug, this is also NOT allowed.

BASICALLY, as said above - if you are still able to perform an effect or trick after you've sold it - you are NOT ALLOWED TO TRADE OR REQUEST IT HERE...
And if you're posting on here as a free advertisement, you are going to end up with YOUR POST DELETED AND A POSSIBLE BAN.

"Why? What's wrong with you guys? Other forums are a bit more lenient!"

Yes, other forums ARE more lenient - but they fall into all sorts of trouble with copyright, illegal copying and the like.

This forum is maintained and hosted by profesional and amateur Magicians and is also sponsored by a magic dealer, all of whom take great responsibility in ensuring that all copyright issues are respected - and in doing so, their professional status and credible relationship with the magicians whose effects they deal with is maintained.

PLEASE respect these rules - they may seem harsh, but the forum is a more friendly and sustainable resource because of it.

So what are you going to do if I DO overstep the mark?
Your post will be edited, if possible, to remove any suspect items. If the post is a blatant plug for a commercial site, the link will be deleted, and a warning will be posted.

Repeat offense or abuse could lead in a ban, which is not nice. And don't just think you could re-register with a new name - we ban at IP-address level, so you'll be gone gone gone...

Well, I'm shocked. Why bother having a sale/trade area then?

This forum is as the title describes - 'Talk Magic'. Predominantly, we TALK MAGIC! The facility to swap/sell/request is rather more an additional facility here, rather than the raison d'etre.

We thrive on the community spirit, and by controlling the actual activity here, we seem to have built and maintained one of the more mature, sensible (mostly!), approachable and friendly magic forums in the UK.

Please help us keep it that way!

June 2004 Update: If anyone still wonders why we don't allow the sale of DVD's, Videos etc just check this link - http://www.online-visions.com/krystal/0501kenton.html - to see how one of the most innovative names in Magic is reacting to piracy and illegal copying.

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