How to get in to the restricted area...

Access to the restricted area will be granted to members who have shown a basic knowledge of magic together with quality contributions (reviews are a good example). Currently granted by moderators of the site.
Please feel free to discuss this within this section (membership not required!).

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How to get in to the restricted area...

Postby seige » Jun 8th, '03, 18:38

I'm not going to say too much here, but I can tell you how NOT to get access...

1: Forget how many posts you've got. Even 1000 posts will not necessarily grant you access

2: The decision is NOT automated - it is discretionarily granted by a moderator

3: You're shooting yourself in the foot by blatantly ASKING how an effect is done

4: You're barking up the wrong tree if you've read that 50 posts = instant access

5: ASKING for access will not be viewed as a smart move.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm sure you'll appreciate this!

OK, here's some tips on getting IN...

1: Don't be a pain in the @rse
2: Don't post countless meaningless messages
3: Try and write intelligent, concise reviews and replies. Show a general knowledge of magic.
4: Be aware that this is NOT a 'spoiler' forum where you'll find people giving away magical secrets...

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Postby magicdiscoman » Jun 8th, '03, 20:15

:lol: :lol:

dont beg
dont try to bribe them
kidnap them or hold them for ransom.

do write a review of a trick you have/had.
do show people your character in your postings (see some of mine for ideas).
dont be put off if you think you cant contribute classical knowledge i cant either.

dont brag, better to give advice in the form of a suggestion or question.
do start your own threads ie i like red silks better than blue ones :?: :?: .

post one liner replys only if fitting to previouse posts (no. of posts dont get you in).

i got in because i demonstrated a practical use of magic not an encyclopidia of slights, i cheet as often a as i can I'm dyslexic and thats my excuse :!:

read peoples posts make comments, remember your joining a community with many members and floaters i myself didnt make any posts for three months before i joined, and i dont htink i am alone.


Postby seige » Jun 8th, '03, 20:22

That's what I mean ;)

It's important to remember also that some of us are here because we LOVE magic, and we've been involved with it for ages. What we've learned has cost us time, sweat, money, blood (OK, OK, not since I stopped the 'String from Stomach').

But if you're a beginner, and you're interested in magic, you only have to ASK. We're always quite willing to help, and we're friendly. (Well, sometimes!)

But beware - we're NOT going to do a 'Magic Secrets Revealed' area! The restricted access area is for magicians to chat about their routines, performances etc.

If you're looking for quick and dirty answers on how to float, how to bite a coin in half etc. you're probably better off trying somewhere else.

That's an honest opinion - we've all spent hours and hours reading, learning, performing and bettering ourselves. Unfortunately, that's the only way to become a REAL magician.

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Postby magicdiscoman » Jun 8th, '03, 21:17

:lol: magic secrets revealed :lol:
if your this sort of person I'm only to happy to mail you plenty of sites that reveal magical vanishes and imposible penetrations all performed by female magicians :!: :wink: :wink: .

if you have a genuine interest but have difficulty with slights like me then pm or mail me (see bottom of posts no ic or msn).

we are always happy to give advice both commercial and practical, but if you dont provide imfomation in your posts about yourself how are we going to know what your like :idea:

dont worry if you cant spell well its content we need.

member of the dyslexics association for tollerence or daft for short :!:


Postby Mandrake » Oct 15th, '04, 10:30

Access to the Magician's Only Section.
As we get regular questions about this, in addition to the above postings, perhaps the following will answer more questions.

Access to the MO section is by invitation from the Moderators/Administrators only. The usual procedure is that we keep a regular watch on forum activities and postings and, after a suitable time, new members will be noticed as contributing many good and worthwhile postings, offering tips and advice, making useful reviews of tricks and effects etc. At this point their name will be suggested as someone ready for MO Access, discussions will take place and this is followed by a formal vote. If the vote is in favour then a message will be passed to that person along with the invitation. If the vote isn't in favour then no more is said for the time being. It is very likely that the same person will be reconsidered a while later in the light of more postings or further useful forum input.

There is no set time or minimum number of postings these days but it is unlikely that less than 3 months and/or under 100 quality postings is enough to form an opinion but there are always exceptions and suitable candidates may be contacted earlier depending on status or circumstances. Known professional Magicians will usually, but not always, be offered MO access as a matter of courtesy.

'Knowing' a moderator is unlikely and certainly no guarantee of access - the other moderators would reject such an approach out of hand anyway! Our main objective isn't to keep people out of the MO section but, as far as possible, to preserve the secrets for those who will appreciate them for what they are.

What's in the MO Section?
Not the Holy Grail or anything like that but a collection of thoughts, ideas, routines and many other items which date back to the old forum days and are the shared intellectual property of a lot of members, many of whom are no longer with us. There are several items which are on commercial release and have to be kept out of the public area for understandable reasons, as well as routines and effects which are still under construction.

Best advice for MO access is to be patient, don't ask for access - it means you haven't read this message - make plenty of good quality postings, review tricks and routines - they don't have to be new ones but check to see if a review has already been done and you can always add your comments to that thread.

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