ring flight question?

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ring flight question?

Postby blink18252 » Mar 13th, '21, 23:55

Hi I was wondering what is your best ring flight routine and why? Thanks if you can answer my question. I have been working on the Gaeton bloom routine however its more difficult than I thought. Thanks if you can reply, hope all is well.


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Re: ring flight question?

Postby mr invisible » Mar 28th, '21, 10:01

Sorry, not into this routine, but I know Dave Bonsall has a good routine.

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Re: ring flight question?

Postby Barry Allen » Mar 30th, '21, 00:25

Hi Ryan,

Is it the Reel-less Gaeton Bloom Ring-Flite that you are using?

I believe his version was primarily designed for stand-up/small stage - which is where Gaeton Bloom often worked in Paris, in the late 70's when this was first marketed. To this end, it was never (in my view) created for Close-up, at tables. To attach the ring needs a lot of handling/unnatural movement. However, all is not lost!

Ken Brooke had a lovely idea of 'how to do the neccessary' with this version.

He'd relate how a jumping finger ring from hand to hand, was the first trick he learnt as a child. Asking the audience would they like to see it, he'd hold the ring in one hand, then put both hands behind his back, saying "that's how we always learn to do magic as kids, isn't it". Obviously, whilst both hands are behind the back, he'd quickly attach the neccessary to the TT chain, bringing it back out again at the thumb/finger-tip of the other hand. He'd then say "but when I grew up, I learnt to do a ring trick this way" (as you carry on with the routine).

I hope that idea helps!

Barry Allen
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Re: ring flight question?

Postby blink18252 » Mar 31st, '21, 00:44

Yes, I am talking about the Gaeton bloom ring flite with it reel less. I will look in to both you guys mentioned. thanks for replying.



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