Socks - by Michel Huot

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Socks - by Michel Huot

Postby MrCat » May 13th, '21, 18:03

The Effect

The magician has a selecton of cards all with different 'pairs of odd socks' in two piles face down on the table/rug/floor wherever you wish to perform. They deal these out one from each pile 2 at a time to show two cards side by side i.e. face up pairs of mismatching socks. The spectator is invited to stay stop at any time as the magician deals... ;)

They say "stop!"

The magician then places those cards face down to the side and reveals the rest of the cards one by one all being unmatched pairs of odd socks. The 'discard' piles are then returned to a face down position for the reveal of the only matchin pair that the spec' has sock is revealed...and then the other.......oh no!!! It doesn't match! Something went wrong. Hmmmmmm.

The magician then stands back to reveal that they are wearing the exact pair of mismatching socks the spec' chose. :D

It's very cool... but! Then there's the kicker.

The magician then sits back down and reminds the spec's that they were offered to try and pick the only matching pair in a load of odd socks, and the turns over the cards one by one again as described above to reavle that all the socks are now exact pairs and they picked the only odd pair that you the magician happened to be wearing that day :)




(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

Difficulty is a 1 from me


Well folks, this is my first bit of magic I've bought in ages! Plus my partner and I are in the process of selling (sold!) our house with nowhere to move to yet so the rest of my stuff is in storage and I fancied a wee treat. I watched the vid and thought "Yes... let's give this a shot". I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived just today.

The handling/talkthough on how to perform is brilliantly done by a lovely man of whom english is not his first language but does an excellent job. What's more, there are several handlings all differening in nature relating to the card skills used to get the final reveal which range very widely in style and thus may teach you a lot of forces you can take to any other set of cards in your magical travels. And you also get a lovely pair of knee length socks to boot. There is a double extra bonus on the socks too which makes for a nice surprise that I kind of don't want to tell you but means these socks can be used with a regular card deck and, well lets just say the reveal of whatever card effect with standard cards involves your socks ;) A very nice extra touch. This can be done on stage if that's your thing, I can't recall off hand if there is the option to buy super big stage cards fo the visuals, but I think it was mentioned somewhere. However, as stated by Michel, he had seen similar effects and wanted to make something that would be great close up, and he certainly has.


I wouldn't say I was that easy to please in the world of emails and a new gimmick and effect almost daily in my inbox but something about this grabben me and I am very glad I took the chance. I haven't had a chance to perform or test it yet but I'm already pleased enough I was compelled to come here and write this review. This works really well for me as the kind of casual performer at parties (unanounced as a magician so to speak haha) who says "hey...wanna see something cool....."

*Spare socks are available should you make holes in yours which I regularly do :)

I should add that the reason thsi is a *1* in terms of ease is from the brilliant description of a massive bunch of forces ranging a lot in style and ease from easy to more cunning and slightly more difficult but the first one taught is genius and comes with a technique I'm sure you'll probably be familiar with that means you absolutely can't loose in a masser of words. And my last words on this are "It's all about the banter/patter/story etc"... which those whom know me know that's one of the things I love most about performing magic :D

Any further questions? Don't hesitate to ask :D

Hope everyone is looking forward to getting out there again after these trying times ;)

Additional update edit: I've just looked again at the online tutorial for this effect and there are links to a pdf so you can print your own spare cards should yours become too shoddy from over use, and also another bonus handling I haven't watched yet :D

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Re: Socks - by Michel Huot

Postby moonbeam » May 13th, '21, 21:35

Thanks for the review - I've been pondering over this one for a while.
I'm just not convinced as to how fair the handling is when the spec calls stop, as the video doesn't show too much ..... maybe it might tip the method??
Can you please clarify that the selection appears fair, 'cos if I get this, I'll test it on my missus first ..... and she burns my hands and watches my every move, trying to catch me out.
Feel free to PM me if there's anything sensitive you don't want all and sundry to see :)

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Re: Socks - by Michel Huot

Postby MrCat » May 15th, '21, 13:32

Nice one Moonbeam, you have been PM'd :) but I can say...

The selection appears totally fair and totally fooled my mssis whom is exactly the same as yours! :lol:

Also, several different handlings are included :wink:

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