Joe Riding ‘The Commercial King of Magic'

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Joe Riding ‘The Commercial King of Magic'

Postby Phil Lawson » Jun 4th, '21, 16:54

In my latest article I take an in-depth look at magician Joe Riding. Titled - Joe Riding ‘The Champion of Commercial Magic’; This is the most in-depth look ever at Joe Riding, both his magic and his life. Tributes and memories have been shared by his friends, including Wayne Dobson. ... ial-magic/

Phil Lawson
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Re: Joe Riding ‘The Commercial King of Magic'

Postby Mandrake » Jun 5th, '21, 11:20

Thank you Phil, a superb article indeed!

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Re: Joe Riding ‘The Commercial King of Magic'

Postby Barry Allen » Jun 7th, '21, 06:27

A quite superb article indeed!

Phil put a lot of time and effort combining so much information into the research and production.

Barry Allen
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Re: Joe Riding ‘The Commercial King of Magic'

Postby mark lewis » Jun 7th, '21, 21:31

I knew Joe quite well since I lived in Blackpool at one time. He was very talented and versatile. Not only could he work a good cabaret stand up act he could do close up magic very well along with memory work and tarot card reading. In fact he wrote just about the most practical book ever written on the Tarot. It promised that you could learn the Tarot in seven days. Guess how long it took me! Exactly seven days. That little book must have earned me more money than any book I have ever read! Alas the book is virtually unobtainable nowadays. I also own a lesser known book which he attempted to sell to the public via Prediction Magazine rather than to magicians. It was a cross between a memory training book and a new age psychic reading book!

mark lewis
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