Finders Keypers

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Finders Keypers

Postby Tony Hyams » Sep 12th, '11, 11:28

The Effect

Ask yourself, have you ever lost your car keys? Who hasn't! With 'Finders Keypers' you can always find your keys from up to 20 feet away! This is a brand new 'which hand' effect; easily the cleanest, most motivated, and most reliable ProMystic effect of its type available!

'Finders Keypers' is so versatile that it can also take the place of your favorite Kurotsuke effect. You can perform with this keychain using your own keys or any number of borrowed keys. Imagine... your key can open a lock on a box containing money, a prediction or anything you desire! The possibilities are endless! You can always find the right key and you can close the routine with a "double or nothing" effect by doing a series of "which hand" routines. You can also perform a heads and tails routine with 'Finders Keypers'.


$449 witch works out at £290 roughly  (including shipping) 



In the box you get the gimmick a leather key fob, 2 types of key rings, some stickers and the DVD. The leather key fob has a window on one side so you can use the stickers provided, or put your own picture on it and perform a heads or tails routine. If you own any of the other pro mystic stuff, you will know how good the quality of the products are. I perform the which hand routine and finish on the heads or tails.

If you don't own any of the other pro mystic stuff you will also need the other bit which costs $150


A great product, and very happy with it

Tony Hyams AIMC
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Re: Finders Keypers

Postby Piers » Jun 23rd, '22, 10:51

You possibly know... but there is a V2 out...
Still brilliant.

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