Failures in my hands

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Re: Failures in my hands

Postby mark lewis » Aug 2nd, '22, 14:09

My problem with mentalism is that it is trickery. Great entertainment but trickery. I don't want trickery anywhere near a psychic reading. The public will accept magic such as the sponge balls, card and coin tricks etc; as something separate from the readings but part of my persona. They know it is a trick and they know I know that they know it is a trick! However, mentalism is fakery and a false simulation of psychic ability. The public aren't stupid and a great deal of the time will know they are being shown a trick rather than real psychic ability. I don't want them to associate trickery with my readings. I use genuine palmistry based on the lines of the hands and have studied the Tarot in a serious manner. I can't have trickery of any kind anyway near my readings. On the rare occasion I do a bit of mentalism for my psychic reading customers I tell them straight out before I perform the item, "This is a magic trick---it's not real mindreading you know!"

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