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Postby MrCat » Oct 24th, '23, 16:48

My magic kit is back from (you don’t need to where) someone finally.
I know there’s a bunch of gimmick decks in it, plus some just gosh darned plain old sexy ones, i have labeled some of them roughly so no spec’s could spot a switch, but what my labels mean now…might be confusing :lol:
It’s been so long. I will be asking here. Recon you can help? :D

I’ve spent a long time building yet another new very small house. That’s my excuse.

I’m not sure where to ask any questions… probably here.

I also posted in Miscellaneous public page today about some awesome packs I came across on YT… but check the post.

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Re: Sooooooo…

Postby Barry Allen » Oct 31st, '23, 02:42

Let me know what help you need.

If I can, I'll be only too pleased to.

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