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Bitten 50p

PostPosted: May 28th, '03, 22:30
by alz

I bought this for around £14 with some spare elastic bands. THis is a good and popular trick made famous by dabvid blaine on his street special. I do not bite the coin however, i prefer to rip it as this is more believable and the spectator is more likely to try themselves. Done with confidence and a good patter, (mine involves a lighter and a story about fake coins) then this trick gets some great reactions. I rate it 7 / 10

PostPosted: May 29th, '03, 08:43
by bananafish
Personally, I'm not convinced about the biting or ripping of the coin - for me it's far too obvious its a gimmicked coin. Of course this could be just my lack of confidence/patter to pull it of.

I do do it it for kids though, they seem to like it. (although I then have to keep an eye on the younger ones to stop them from trying to eat money!) :roll:

In saying all that I do love pushing it into a bottle. That always gets a very good reaction.

One other thing I will add there is that there does seem to be various qualities of coins out there. I also have a folding quarter that is cut around the head - and this is much better, more invisible and it also fits into smaller bottles :) .

PostPosted: May 29th, '03, 09:13
by seige
I have to agree with Bananafish

There's a phrase I've used before, which is a Sherlock Holmes quote: If you eliminate the impossible, whatever you have left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

I always feel that it's deemed impossible to 'bite' a coin and make it's top half vanish... but on the other hand it is improbable to make a card vanish.

That's because making a card vanish is pure skill and dexterity, and whereas the card does not vanish in a literal sense, there's an air of real magic about it.

But biting a coin is a one-beat act. The initial original shock value has gone, and people just know it's a gimmick. There's no skill or magic involved. It's a shame.

Whereas, also in agreeance with Bananafish, to use your folding/biting coin for a coin-into-bottle routine is a different matter. It has a rhythmic routine, a start, a middle and a climax. It uses the same gimmick (in most cases - dedicated bite-out coins are tricky for this one, get a double-fold) but in a totally different way.

The biting coin routine is a little one-dimensional, in my opinion.

But I like black olives, strong cheese and lime pickle, and a lot of people don't agree with me on that score, either. So, it's a free country?!?!

In other words, these are only opinions. We need objective viewpoints.
I'm not suggesting the bite-out coin is necessarily a bad trick, but I personally don't find that it's real magic, whereas before it was 'done-to-death' it stood a chance of being part of a routine.

If you're thinking of this type of trick, eMagictricks sell great gaffed coins.

PostPosted: May 29th, '03, 09:37
by the_mog
this can be used after a penacoin routine, because nine times out of ten when ive tried it ive been asked "do it again!!" so then my reply is "cant... the metal of the coin goes soft.... watch" then switch using whatever method you like and bite the 10p, by this point most specs are shocked so they just dont want to see penacoin anymore which allows you to pocket the 10p and casually but ever so smugly walk away :mrgreen:

PostPosted: May 29th, '03, 09:42
by seige
Nice one, Mog.

Normally, when asked to do a trick again, and it's an impossible reset, I just pull out a small pistol, hold it to the spectator's temple and hiss...

"No... YOU do it again..."

It's never failed to get me out of trouble, and it's so comfy in the police cells these days... :twisted:

PostPosted: May 29th, '03, 09:47
by the_mog
hmmmm they must be different in shropshire... do they have the deluxe rubber batons for when they roll you in the mattress and beat 7 kinds of $&*@ out of you (apologies to any of our wonderful constabulary who may be reading this, I'm only fooling.... anyways we all know that the gov. would never shell out for the rubber coated ones... just have to stick to plain old wooden)

PostPosted: May 29th, '03, 10:01
by seige
Nope. I've only been 'inside' once, due to being involved in a late night accident (I was in the back of a car being driven by a drunk mate, which crunched). I was bought a cup of tea and a digestive biscuit in the morning once.

I didn't face the truncheon, though. Although for some reason they took my shoes away?!?!?!

I tried to concentrate and make myself transmogrify through the bars, but I ended up bruising my head pretty bad.

There was a lemon in the cell next to me, strangely. Although he was pretty sour, and had lost his zest by the time I got there.

Still, at least I managed to impress the bobbies by biting a piece out of the gaoler's key, and then restoring it.

Perhaps if I'd had some Dental Wax, I could have made copy??? Or is that Presto Printo????

N E E D M O R E C O F F E E E E E ...

PostPosted: May 29th, '03, 10:09
by Mandrake
The reason they take your shoes away is to stop you tap dancing - and probably falling into the sink.

PostPosted: May 29th, '03, 10:16
by the_mog
the shoes thing is in case you try and hang yourself with your laces... this is true... however unless you have laces made with 1/4 inch rope the worst your going to do is give yourself a nasty burn(only surmising here having never actually tried this heh heh heh)

PostPosted: May 29th, '03, 10:17
by bananafish
So Seige - tell me more about this Lemon in cell next to you. Was it the cell to your right? and could you reach out and touch it through the bars?

In which case - after you were arrested.

(pauses for effect)...

Did you feel a right lemon?


just when you thought all the lemon jokes were over...

PostPosted: May 29th, '03, 10:18
by seige
Hmmm... do you know, I've been wondering for 3 years why the buggers took my shoes???

Is that right? Or are you having a laugh?

Anyway, even if they were made out of rope, I'd not quite sussed the Professors' Nighmare at that point, so I'd have been knackered anyway.

PostPosted: May 29th, '03, 10:20
by the_mog
hmmmm with all of seiges money i could be as rich as king soLEMON

*just jumping on the bandwagon on my way to sleep* heh heh heh :mrgreen:

PostPosted: May 29th, '03, 10:21
by the_mog
was absolutely serious about the shoes... not about the 1/4 inch rope but if you were wearing a tie they would have taken that too, and your belt

PostPosted: May 29th, '03, 10:22
by bananafish
and his string vest?

PostPosted: May 29th, '03, 10:34
by seige
HAH! They didn't see the string I'd had surgically implanted in my midrift, though!!!

I'm not rich - I'm skint at this time every month because of my OCD.

So use your lemon, it's no good trying to peel any money out of me. I'll have to apply for lemon-aid to help me pay my Visa bill this month - but citrus the way it is.

Anyway, back to the daily (g)rind.

Any more for any more? :wink: :twisted: