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Silk Vanish/TT Review

PostPosted: Jul 30th, '07, 23:02
by JAlexBrown

I recently acquired a Silk Vanish/TT trick from a magic supplier in Gatlinburg, and I must say I'm impressed. The specific version I got was a cheaper version, but the overall effect is still amazing. As I'm sure most of you know the effect of the Silk Vanish, I'll save myself from typing a long description, but I will say that the effect is easy to perform with a bit of practice in front of a mirror. You don't even see the gimmick (TT) if you watch the mirror as you perform and find the right angle to perform the trick. Both vanishing and reproducing the silk is easy to do, but, as with most tricks, it's not self-working. The TT itself can be used to perform a miriad of other effects besides the silk vanish, and basically is only restricted by your imagination. If you want a simple yet effective trick for cheap (I paid $5 US for mine), this trick will impress some people. Be aware, however, that if your performance isn't perfect, some people will see the TT and the effect is ruined for those people. Also, the effect is popular enough now that some people have figured it out on their own, so the effect is ruined for them as well. If you're selective about who you show it to, and you perform with a lot of grace, you'll find people are impressed by this simple trick.

Difficulty: 2/5
Visuals: 3/5
Instructions: 3/5
Overall: 3/5


** I'm not sure if the manufacture of the specific TT is important for a review, but I can tell you mine was made by some cheap American toy-type manufacture. Oh well, the gimmick and effect is quality either way.

PostPosted: Jul 30th, '07, 23:39
by Stephen Ward
Vernet is the best manufacturer.

PostPosted: Jul 31st, '07, 08:15
by seige

Are you reviewing the actual GIMMICK/TRICK combination you bought, or just the principle here?

This isn't really a review, it's a 'heads-up'.

Can you just clarify whether you're revieiwing the EFFECT or the actual ITEM which you bought please?

PostPosted: Aug 2nd, '07, 12:50
by JAlexBrown

After reading my own review again, I suppose it's more of a review of the effect than the gimmick. I had intentionally meant to review the gimmick/effect together, but I suppose I just went on more of a spiel about the effect itself. As for it being more of a head's up, this is the first magic review I've written, so forgive me.


PostPosted: Aug 2nd, '07, 12:57
by seige
Hey, no apologies required!

It's a pleasure to see reviews of 'old skool' kit on TM ;)

PostPosted: Aug 2nd, '07, 21:25
by JAlexBrown
For more of an old-school feel, I really like having this trick around. It's a nice quick trick to perform when you're in a hurry. My main disappointment with it is that I've shown about ten people so far, and about seven of them either already knew or figured out how it was done, and my execution doesn't look bad (I've watched myself perform it). All-in-all, though, I think the silk vanish is one of the better tricks, and definitely one that every magician should own.


PostPosted: Aug 2nd, '07, 23:27
by Tenko

If spectators know how you are doing this, you are not getting it right. I was in a bar a few months ago and a young lad was performing this trick very badly. He showed all the lads how he did it with the TT. I asked to borrow his silk and vanished it in my hand. He said, 'How did you do that without a TT' ?? I used a TT.

PostPosted: Aug 3rd, '07, 00:33
by JAlexBrown
I cannot remember the name of the movie, but one of the specs I showed this trick to said they learned how to do it in a movie...not like a magic movie, but a regular fictional movie. I was really upset, because I'd just got the trick a week beforehand. I think that may be how some of the specs I've performed for knew how it was done.


PostPosted: Aug 3rd, '07, 10:20
by Schwen
Well now you have a TT, do something more interesting with it, if you have a little think, and buy 101 tricks with a tt, then you'll realise that there's so much more you can do with that little piece of plastic than just make a silk disappear. No spec cares about a silk, they've only seen magicians use them. wow. it's disappeared, that's a clever trick. and If they've seen how that's done, then you look like an idiot

Make a lit cigarette disappear on the other hand, pretty much the same principle, but boy do they start to care. Even if they know how the disappearing silk is done, chances are they will not recognise this as the same trick, if handled well.

and this is just the 'tip' of the iceberg (boom boom)

PostPosted: Aug 3rd, '07, 12:58
by Lord Freddie
101 Tricks is a great little book(let) which gives you a lot of inspiration to come up with your own ideas. I learnt the basics of the TT from Tarbell Vol 1, there's a great lesson on it in there.
Instead of just vanishing the silk, why not p**m something like a ring or coin behind the TT so the effect becomes a transformation rather than a disappearance and the heat will be on the object, not your hands.

PostPosted: Aug 3rd, '07, 13:46
by Sexton Blake
I have to mention Darwin's 3-DVD set
It's wonderful, truly wonderful. Reading a method is all very well, and I'm not knocking books, but it really enthuses you when you see a master perform it. Things that, as a bald effect on the page, would have seemed, perhaps, rather childish take on a kind of grace. This DVD set is stuffed with effects. Even some non-TT effects - the vanish bit of the impromptu coin vanish/return I do given any opportunity comes from here.


PostPosted: Aug 6th, '07, 02:13
by Al Doty
Alexander De Cova put out an ineresting video on TT theory. It includes a variety of tricks, uses and ideas. A TT doesn't always start or end on the thumb. Thats all I'll say except that it has helped me alot.

PostPosted: Aug 6th, '07, 02:14
by Al Doty
Pardon my spelling please.