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PostPosted: Jul 15th, '08, 12:09
by Replicant

£40 at Magicbox. Pay day tomorrow. I feel it's a foregone conclusion.

PostPosted: Jul 15th, '08, 19:02
by Sleightech
Put a wanted advert up, may tempt someone to sell? Just realised that they now do it in a £2 version, not for me though as they dull and look cruddy real easily. Useful for the lineup though. Just like the cig through, the Royal Mint's virtually made the coin for these two effects.

PostPosted: Jul 15th, '08, 19:09
by Replicant
I think I prefer the half dollar version as it appears to give more scope for patter, i.e. a US coin, an English coin and a Chinese coin, as opposed to two English coins and a Chinese coin. Does that make sense? I do hope so.

PostPosted: Jul 15th, '08, 19:10
by Rob
The half-dollar, penny, Chinese coin version is a thing of beauty - try telling a story, woven around English, American and Chinese Airmen, during the 2nd World War, with a two pound coin!! :shock:


PostPosted: Jul 15th, '08, 22:18
by dat8962
If you can perform a switch with some cconfidence then changing the final £2 for a £2 jumbo coin (cards4magic) works nicely.

PostPosted: Jul 16th, '08, 19:08
by Sleightech
Here's a review here: ... ht=chinese

the bit about the Airfix enamel paint's personal choice, but it is effective. As for the effect, it's been put away for some time, and I couldn't just pick it up and do it. I'd have to play with it for awhile,. Some peoples memory may be a lot better than mine at that sort of thing though, but I'd have to re-learn it.

PostPosted: Jul 23rd, '08, 13:34
by Replicant
Ignore me!

PostPosted: Jul 23rd, '08, 18:25
by dat8962
I've found it to be too long - I'd recommend cutting one of the penny to £2 transpo's from the routine around 2 thirds of the way through and you should then find this to be fine.

Let us know if you agree after you've nailed it :lol:

PostPosted: Jul 23rd, '08, 19:08
by Replicant
Thanks for the tip, dat. I'll try that and see how I get on. Will keep you posted. Image

PostPosted: Jul 9th, '10, 19:25
by Arkesus
I heartily agree with everything said above, love this coin set.

Re: Chinese Bit by Eddie Gibson

PostPosted: Jul 13th, '10, 13:15
by Mr Grumpy
dat8962 wrote:The Effect

As with all Gibson coins the quality is simply TOP NOTCH and the instructions are written well, easy to follow and printed on decent paper.

As with ALL Gibson coins?

Have you seen ALL Gibson coins?

You certainly haven't seen the two APPALLING Eddie Gibson Coin Unique sets that I've owned. I sent the first back; the replacement was worse.

In both cases the coins would not connect AT ALL. In the second case, the coins looked awful too.

No offence, dat8962, but you haven't seen all Gibson coins. Clearly all the coins that you have seen have been fine. That doesn't mean they're all fine. The two I have owned were dreadful.

I wouldn't go on about it but I'm still to receive a refund on the second coin set.

I've since been using Coin Extraction; I own two and both connect perfectly well.

No offence intended to you, dat8962. I always enjoy reading your posts.

PostPosted: Jul 13th, '10, 18:34
by Jobasha
That's a real shame. My coin unique is really nice. Fits togethor well and looks just right. Where did you get them from?

PostPosted: Jul 14th, '10, 11:22
by Mr Grumpy
I actually can't remember now. It would have been an online magic shop like Magic Box or eMagictricks. I have used various such sites. I sent the Eddie Gibson Coin Unique set back to them and they sent a replacement which turned out to be worse. I emailed Eddie Gibson and received a less than satisfactory reply. I gave up at that point. I just don't want to spend my life at the Post Office! I am still hoping Mr Gibson will get in touch and offer to a refund. There'd be no point sending another replacement because I needed a coin set quickly so I bought two Coin Extraction sets.

Not only would neither of the Eddie Gibson Coin Uniques connect unless I physically pushed them together, the second one looked terrible even when connected.

With the first one, I thought perhaps it was just a bit stiff, and would improve with time, but I wasted a lot of hours trying to get it to connect and it just didn't seem to be improving. With the second one, I tried to oil it but this did not work. I then tried to sand the edges down but this made no difference, and just meant that I could not really return it to the magic shop I had bought it from.

Not pleased.