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PostPosted: Nov 3rd, '08, 01:07
by Beardy

Well while I'm here I may as well ask...anyone fancy a drink?


PostPosted: Jan 24th, '09, 23:31
by DenmarkKilo
Well, I would. Except for the lack of drinking that I do, the shame I have for my abysmal magical ability, and my severe lack of decent talking points that I could bring to the table that are of semi-interestingness (World of Warcraft, hating callers in my workplace, things from the series of tubes called teh intarwebnets...)

PostPosted: Jan 25th, '09, 00:24
by Beardy
Well I don;t drink alcoholic beverages much anyways...a lemonade suits me fine ;)

Fancy a pint?

(of lemonade ;))

PostPosted: Feb 25th, '10, 10:35
by DenmarkKilo
Ok, I'm grown up a bit more and am now less unwilling to leave the house. Anyone else up for a Swansea meetup? I know The Beard is Abertawe based, so is anyone else?

PostPosted: Feb 25th, '10, 14:57
by Big Jon
I'm up for that!

PostPosted: Feb 25th, '10, 14:59
by dat8962
I'm a bit worried on hearing that the aquarium trainer in California was killed by Wales.

PostPosted: Feb 25th, '10, 15:21
by cymru1991
dat8962 wrote:I'm a bit worried on hearing that the aquarium trainer in California was killed by Wales.
Oh dear oh dear oh dear.... beth y mae'r byd yn dod i ;)

PostPosted: Mar 5th, '10, 14:20
by DenmarkKilo
To anyone in Swansea and is missing out on the Chris Beard thread in the Events section...

Bank Statement. Wind Street. 5pm.

That is all.

PostPosted: May 5th, '10, 22:47
by DaveM
I live just outside Neath and looking for the other magic enthusiasts in the area. I have a poor repertoire, mainly a bunch of easy Royal Road card tricks, but I figure the occasional pub meet would help motivate me and improve my presentation.

I can't really afford to get down to the Cardiff Society meets so if you guys get something together and don't mind an extra bod, let me know.


PostPosted: Jun 9th, '10, 21:57
by DenmarkKilo
Anyone fancy a meet-up in Swansea tomorrow night (Thursday) or next week? I have all of next week off thanks to E3, and will need some time to destress...

PostPosted: Jun 9th, '10, 23:25
by DaveM
I'm about next week if I'm welcome.

PostPosted: Jul 7th, '10, 18:06
by DaveM
I have seen mention of a South Wales Magical Society on a few magicians websites. They used to meet in Swansea supposedly.

Does anyone happen to know if it is still going and if so, who to contact?

Worth a try...

PostPosted: Jul 7th, '10, 21:46
by Mandrake
According to that font of knowledge on such matters,

The South Wales Magical Association
Don Jeffrey
20 Dysgwylfa, Sketty, Swansea SA2 9BG
Tel: 01792 202944
Young Magicians Welcome
Meetings: 1st & 3rd Sunday of month
HQ: The Mardy, Gorseinon, Swansea, SA4+4BT

However it also says:

Last Updated: 9th Jun 2004

Suggest you phone ahead and nake sure of the current meeting details :wink: .

PostPosted: Jul 7th, '10, 23:36
by DaveM
Cheers, Mandrake!

I haven't found any other solid info other than what you have mentioned and I'd like to think my Google Foo is strong.

I guess I'll just phone and cross my fingers.

PostPosted: Sep 17th, '10, 21:42
by DenmarkKilo
Mr Beard and myself will be going for a drink at 3pm tomorrow (18th) in Swansea, so if anyone feels like joining, please come along.

Topics on the menu will include that TV Derren Brown thing, how best to remove rust from a 4" nail and what in the name of Vernon is that man drinking?!

Expected venue - The Bank Statement (Natwest crossed with a pub down Wind Street)
Expected time - 3pm