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Random Matching Aces

PostPosted: Jan 23rd, '11, 01:18
by sjsMagic

I dont know what its called so i named it random matching aces

A magician in my village taught me this very effective trick where you deal out cards entil the spectator says stop. mark it with a face up ace. then do the same again then mark it. spreed the cards and the two face down cards next to the face up ones are the corisponding aces. if you wana know how pm me.

This trick is very good and gets reactions. you need very little sleght. still very good trick

PostPosted: Jan 23rd, '11, 14:37
by Mr_Grue
That sounds like Gemini Twins, which is in Karl Fulves' Self-working Card Tricks. Nice and simple, but can get great reactions!

PostPosted: Jan 23rd, '11, 22:19
by jim ferguson
Mr_Grue wrote:That sounds like Gemini Twins
    So it is :lol: . When I read the post last night I knew the effect but for the life of me couldnt remember the name of the thing :)

PostPosted: Jan 24th, '11, 12:20
by Razzo
Great effect. Never fails to get a good response.


PostPosted: Jan 24th, '11, 12:53
by ProMagic
I would change name to Gemini Twins but i cant as my acount wont let me log in. inactive account or something. So i made a new one which is anoying. :D

Re: Random Matching Aces

PostPosted: Mar 15th, '12, 15:13
by Styles13
From reading your first post I can think of two ways to do that... but I can't pm you to find out which one it is grr

Re: Random Matching Aces

PostPosted: Mar 15th, '12, 20:38
by Mandrake
You can PM now you've reached 5 posts :wink: .

Re: Random Matching Aces

PostPosted: Jun 28th, '15, 09:51
by mass1971
I agree

Re: Random Matching Aces

PostPosted: Aug 10th, '15, 21:03
by bmat
I also agree