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Changeling Odo Help!

PostPosted: Jun 28th, '22, 15:03
by Seral

Hiya does anyone have this?

I purchased it and set up the gimmick but it does not show how to actually attach it to another note. Does anyone know? Thank you

Re: Changeling Odo Help!

PostPosted: Jun 28th, '22, 17:05
by Mandrake
Why not contact the suppliers and ask for help?

Re: Changeling Odo Help!

PostPosted: Jun 29th, '22, 07:05
by Seral
This was their reply:


Please see what the creator said below:

“I’ve had a few people ask me this directly, the reason why orientation wasn’t covered in detail is because every note design is different. It is pretty simple though - the note is folded to match the orientation of gimmick and the gimmick clips on to align with the artwork on the note!”

I even sent another email saying how I attach it and the note keeps falling off of the gimmick and they just sent me the same reply although highlighted what the creator replied with.

I have actually read on another forum many magicians saying the same thing. They made the gimmick but how on earth do you attach it to a note?

In the tutorial he attaches it but does not explain how he does it or show any steps and his hands are concealing what he is actually doing.

It's probably so simple but many of us cannot get our heads around it.