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Re: Free stuff!!!

PostPosted: Dec 6th, '20, 01:15
by Mandrake


Spellbinders Telethon 2020

PostPosted: Dec 31st, '20, 12:25
by Mandrake
We cannot believe the line-up of talent for our New Year's Eve Telethon! Join us at 12:00 pm NOON and stay with us for 12 hours of live streaming MAGIC, COMEDY and SURPRISES. It's all free and it's all mind-boggling.
SPELLBINDERS Telethon 2020
12:00 noon – The BIG Start
12:10 pm – FRANZ HARARY – Illusionist Designer, Producr and Performer
12:30 pm – GERRY GRIFFIN – Creator California Magic Club
1:00 pm – STEPHEN BARGATZE – Clown Prince of Magic (and Nate Bargatze’s dad)
1:30 pm – DANA DANIELS – Broadway star of “The Illusionists”
2:00 pm – MICHAEL AMMAR – Multi Gold Medalist A.M.A. and F.I.S.M.
2:30 pm – JEFF HOBSON – Creator of Marvyn’s Magic Theater
3:00 pm – FIELDING WEST Star of Las Vegas– Comedy Magic
3:20 pm – AL SKINNER – Corporate Comedy Magic from the Bay Area
3:45 pm – MATT MARCY – Magic Castle Favorite
4:15 pm – KYLE & MISTIE KNIGHT – Las Vegas Illusionists
4:40 pm – CRAIG DICKENS – Premier Magic Illusion Builder in the World
5:00 pm – BRUCE GOLD – Comedy Magic and Creative Consulting
5:30 pm – BOBBY BORGIA – Creator of Kellar’s Magic & Comedy Club
6:00 pm – GREGORY WILSON – Gold Medal Winner from F.I.S.M.
6:30 pm – LARRY WILMORE – “The Daily Show,” “The Nightly Show,” “The Bernie Mac Show”
7:00 pm – JON ARMSTRONG – A.M.A. Close Up Magician of the Year
7:30 pm – SUZANNE THE MAGICIAN – A.M.A. Close Up Magician of the Year
8:00 pm – STUART MacDONALD (AS RICHARD PRESTON) - Multi-Gold Medal I.B.M. Champion
8:30 pm – SHAWN FARQUHAR (w/ ALEX ZANDER and BILLYHSUEH) - Gran Prix World Champion of Magic
9:00 pm – ROCCO (w/SHAUN JAY) - Two time Gold Medal Winner at F.I.S.M.
9:40 pm – KALIN & JINGER – Magicians of the Year

ALL TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE and listings are Pacific Standard Time.

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PostPosted: Dec 31st, '20, 19:01
by Mandrake
And more!!!

    Free Voodini show on Facebook Live, New Year's Day at 4pm (UK time)

    Just a quick email to let you know that I will be performing an all-new one man show on Facebook Live, New Year's Day, at 4pm UK time - which is 11am East Coast USA (other time zones are available - Google is your friend!) If you can't watch live, the video of the performance will be on my personal Facebook page shortly after the show ends. It's totally free to watch, all you have to be is friends with me on Facebook and check out my page at showtime!

    If you're not friends with me on Facebook, search Paul Voodini and you'll soon find me!

    Hope to see you on New Year's Day!

    All the best for the new year!
    Paul Voodini

Greg Wilson Freebie!

PostPosted: Jan 3rd, '21, 16:18
by Mandrake
Greg Wilson, as in son of THE Mark Wilson, is doing a free show as a thank you for all the kindness and thoughtful participation with his many projects - also a fun way to start the New Year!

It's on Zoom, starts at 5.00pm East Coast time (work out for yourselves how late that is!) and doors open at 4.30pm. There's a limit of 500 participants so get in early.

Greg goes on to say This is a beta test of my new virtual magic studio, lets share some fun magic stress free - new year's weekend Sunday
"greg wilson's magic-togo free show!" That means, free for all so please have mercy if something unexpected happens technically. Those gremlins sneak into the system sometimes. I'm trying out a bunch of new things for me, and I have some incredible magic to explore with you! I've done private party virtual shows, but never for a large audience of over 25 people. So I thought it would be fun to share what I’m working on with my good friends that have been so nice to me and my family. I increased my zoom limit to 500, although I’d be honoured to just have over 25! We will open the lobby about 30 min early for gallery pre-show, "first come - first serve"

But seriously, this is really short notice.

This show is designed for you to experience some magic in your own hands. That means you need a few items to participate with the interactive fun. Regular stuff you might have around the house...

1) PLAYING CARDS (does not need to be a complete deck, just have any 9 cards. If you don't have cards, it's okay... you can relax and watch the magic!)
2) 2 PLASTIC DRINKING STRAWS (so we can bend them together, this is a test to see if it works online. it's difficult to do)
3) 2 Cocktail style/size PAPER NAPKINS (single ply is best... we will tear them, so if they are too thick it might be difficult. Paper towels work, if that's what you have.
4) A COIN (The coin can be any denomination... I use a large coin, even a poker chip is fine.)
5) A GOOD, FUN ATTITUDE (Let's play for a bit, and not worry about Monday. The new year will pass by quickly enough, so this is a great time to relax and do some magic together!)

Re: Free stuff!!!

PostPosted: Jan 6th, '21, 12:44
by MrCat
Wow that sounds so awesome!I've still never used Zoom yet, seems to be the thing these days, need to get myself back in to the modern age :lol:

Re: Free stuff!!!

PostPosted: Jan 7th, '21, 16:41
by Mandrake
It was a good show but, in my case, the sound was muffled and the pictures were not the best - at times it was like a series of stlls projected at slow speed so much of the contents was missing. Looking at the Chat comments, others had excellent reception so it might have been local conditions this end at fault. Other zoom shows from overseas such as Masters of Magic from Italy, Piff the Magic Dragon and Justin Willman, both from the US, have been crystal clear.

Re: Free stuff!!!

PostPosted: Jan 7th, '21, 20:15
by mr invisible
Excellent free stuff.. Thanks.
It like Xmas all over again. :lol:

Re: Free stuff!!!

PostPosted: Jan 15th, '21, 16:16
by Mandrake
Courtesy of

    David Copperfield - headline interview for The Magic Circle Unlocked celebrating the centenary of the first public performance of the art’s most iconic illusion - Sawing a Woman in Half. On Sunday January 17th The Magic Circle will host the free online event on the anniversary of the day in 1921 that PT Selbit stunned the entertainment world with an illusion that has fascinated audiences ever since. The event will be open to all.

    Debbie McGee, Paul Daniels’ partner on stage and in life, will speak of her experience as the woman who found herself dismembered on numerous occasions. As Noel Britten, the president of The Magic Circle, said this week: “Debbie has been sliced, diced, cremated, crushed, divided and decapitated more than most, so has a great story to tell.” The evening will chart the invention, history and development of this effect with magicians, magical historians and social commentators giving their take on the twists, turns and variations that have been seen over the years.

    It has been the cause of numerous feuds, deceptions and downfalls over the years. Would PT Selbit, sawing through a seemingly simple wooden box have envisaged Copperfield sawing himself in half in full view on a Las Vegas stage with a massive circular saw? Magician Simon Drake and historian Mike Caveney among others will give their perspective. The event will be streamed on The Magic Circle Unlocked Facebook page (open to all) at 6pm GMT on Sunday, 17th January.

Re: Free stuff!!!

PostPosted: Jan 18th, '21, 00:22
by Mandrake
Four and a half hours of sheer joy - nuf sed!

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PostPosted: Jan 23rd, '21, 01:33
by Mandrake
More free stuff, courtesy of

    Free Magic Show and Lecture via Zoom - Sunday 24th January at 7pm. Tony Junior writes: Everyone is welcome. Children and Adults. Magicians and non-magicians. The event is staged and hosted by myself. Over the past 6 months I have attended many Zoom events and have met some incredible talent, introducing many at our meetings last term. These two are exceptional for their ages: Brice, an 11 year old from California and Matteo, a 12 year old from New Jersey. Both will perform for 20 minutes at 7pm on Sunday 24th January, for all the family (ideal age range 5 and over, but all are welcome). Then at 8pm they will discuss their shows and demonstrate some of the releases that they have on Penguin to magicians only. They both have a string of new modern effects. They are truly inspirational and never cease to amaze magicians worldwide a weekly basis at one of the weekly Society of American Magicians Events. The Zoom link will be on one Email 23.1.21

Mac King

PostPosted: Feb 21st, '21, 15:21
by Mandrake
Mac King's brand new digital talk show, “Don't Everybody Leave.” is online!

Join the man Penn & Teller called “the greatest comedy magician at least alive today, and maybe who ever lived” each week to see what it's like hangin’ with Mac and his hilarious Vegas showbiz pals. New episodes every Tuesday.

Re: Free stuff!!!

PostPosted: Apr 28th, '21, 21:59
by Mandrake
Courtesy of Magic Roadshow:


    Hollywood’s World-Famous Magic Castle Hosts Complimentary, Virtual Magic Show May 7th in Honor of Members of the Armed Forces, Veterans and Their Families..

    Star-Studded Show via Zoom Includes Lance Burton & Other Top Performers.

    May 7 is Military Spouse Appreciation Day … We Salute Their Sacrifice too!

    HOLLYWOOD — April 27, 2021 — For Immediate Release:

    In honor of U.S. veterans across the country, the Academy of Magical Arts (AMA) and its world-famous clubhouse The Magic Castle is presenting a star-studded, virtual magic show, Saturday, May 7, 3 p.m. PT/6 p.m. ET in honor of members of the Armed Forces, veterans and their families.

    Appearing are such globally recognized magicians as Lance Burton, The Evasons, Suzanne and Brandon Scott. Select Zoom participants will have the opportunity to interact with talent and participate in the magic.
    Veterans can register for complimentary tickets at:

    NOTE: If Zoom registration is full, a live, streaming link will also be available at this site.

    Said event organizer, magician Brandon Scott, also serving as Master of Ceremonies, “The mission of the non-profit Academy of Magical Arts is to advance and preserve the art of magic. As part of our community outreach, it is our honor to share the wonder of magic with veterans and others who serve our country and to organizations that serve children who are underprivileged, hospitalized or have special needs … Which meant going virtual during the pandemic, a time when people need a smile most.”

    On the Marquee …

    Lance Burton (from Kentucky) — A master magician, Burton has appeared on The Tonight Show and numerous TV specials. For The Lance Burton Show in Las Vegas, he won “Best Magician” for 11 years in a row from the Las Vegas Review-Journal and has performed15,000 shows over the past 30 years. The AMA has twice awarded him “Magician of the Year” and a Masters Fellowship “Hall of Fame.”
    The Evasons (from Maryland) — One of very few couples in history who have mastered the rare and mysterious art of two-person telepathy, they have appeared in more than 40 countries and on such hit TV shows as Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Masters of Illusion and The World’s Greatest Magic. In their live, interactive, online display of Virtual Telepathy and Remote Viewing, The Evasons appear to reach through the screen and seize your thoughts.

    Suzanne (from Minnesota) — You may have seen Suzanne on Penn & Teller Fool Us with an engaging style that makes the audience an essential participant in her performance that other magicians call “flawless” and “amazing.” She is a favorite at Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle and has been awarded “Close Up Magician of the Year” by the AMA.

    Brandon Scott (from California) — Scott comes from a family of American Veterans and received two first-place medals as winner of the American Legion Oratory Contest on the American Constitution. He has appeared in numerous television shows, films and commercials, as well as live performances at such places as Caesars Palace-Las Vegas, The Hollywood Bowl, Disneyland and in Milt Larsen’s It’s Magic. He is a headliner magician at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire and has delighted corporate executives, international nobility, prominent political figures and some of the world’s most famous movie stars.
    [Talent subject to change.]

    About the Academy of Magical Arts, Inc.
    The Academy of Magical Arts (AMA) is a unique non-profit. The AMA’s membership—including the world’s most pre-eminent and celebrated magicians and illusionists—lives by the “Magic First” creed, devoted to the advancement of the art of magic and preserving its history. Its headquarters and private clubhouse, the Magic Castle, has been an internationally revered gathering place for the magic brotherhood since opening its doors in 1963. Located in historic Hollywood in an elegant, Victorian-era mansion, the Castle is an experience within itself—a remarkable meeting spot that captures a lost era and is timeless in its appeal, having hosted generations of magic enthusiasts from around the globe, as well as show biz elite from Cary Grant, Tony Curtis, Johnny Carson, Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Alexander (all performing members) to Katy Perry and Johnny Depp. The Magic Castle was founded by writer, actor, magician and entrepreneur Milt Larsen and his late brother, Bill Larsen, Jr.

    Visit us online at:

    Greenleaf & Associates — 323.660.5800
    Vicki Greenleaf —

Re: Free stuff!!!

PostPosted: Aug 21st, '21, 13:11
by Mandrake
Courtesy of Magic New Zealand (

From Stuart MacDonald

I'm doing something unorthodox as I prepare for FISM N. America. I'm
opening up my "Stu"dio for anyone to watch a Live streaming rehearsal
for free. Since I have no live gigs between now and competition I'm
opening the doors to let anyone watch for free. I will only Broadcast
for 15 minutes and from there if anyone wants to offer a critique or
better still tell me if the story I'm relating makes sense. In other
words if something about the act bothers you tell me.

Most magicians think this is a bad idea opening the doors to other
competitors to see your process...I think they are wrong. You only
improve by putting yourself out there. If I had any shows....I'd learn
quite a bit in a short time but Covid has stopped all those bookings. So
if you have free time join in on the fun. All times are Detroit MI time

Aug 23 8:00 PM
Aug 24 8:00 PM
Aug 30 8:00 PM
Sept 13 8:00 PM
Sept 14 8:00 PM
Sept 15 8:00 PM
Sept 16 8:00 PM
Sept 17 8:00 PM
Aug 23 9:00 PM
Aug 24 9:00 PM
Aug 30 9:00 PM
Sept 13 9:00 PM
Sept 14 9:00 PM
Sept 15 9:00 PM
Sept 16 9:00 PM
Sept 17 9:00 PM


Re: Free stuff!!!

PostPosted: Sep 1st, '21, 22:50
by Mandrake
Check out The Daily Magician and get (almost*) 24 free classic magic book downloads: ... -lp-mobile

* One book can't be downloaded but can be read online!

Re: Free stuff!!!

PostPosted: Nov 27th, '21, 16:59
by The Deacon
Mandrake wrote:Check out The Daily Magician and get (almost*) 24 free classic magic book downloads: ... -lp-mobile

* One book can't be downloaded but can be read online!

I see that these guys are now selling these public domain books. Is that kosher?