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The Magic Roadshow

PostPosted: Sep 17th, '21, 23:20
by Mandrake

Just in case anyone doesn't know about The Magic Roadshow, it's an online magazine produced by Rick Carruth. He did 200 monthly issues and then decided to take a well-earned breather. He now produces more occasional issues referred to as 'Specials' and the latest is at

In this issue he posts a PDF of links to Public Domain Magic Books, over 300 free downloads, of classic and less well-known magic books. There’s also news of hitherto undiscovered Houdini film footage and, as always, there are several routines explained with great clarity.

Rick also reviews the latest magic releases and will tell you in no uncertain terms if he thinks they are not up to scratch! Even better, all the previous issues are available to download so, if there happens to be yet another lockdown, you’ll have plenty to read!

Re: The Magic Roadshow

PostPosted: Sep 18th, '21, 08:28
by magicofthemind
And it's free!

Thanks, Mandrake

Re: The Magic Roadshow

PostPosted: Sep 19th, '21, 13:32
by Mandrake
magicofthemind wrote:And it's free!
:mrgreen: Heh heh (As Mog used to say!)