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Repro Magic

PostPosted: Jul 26th, '08, 18:48
by danata

Hi! This is Mike Danata, from Mike Danata's Magic Studio in Bournemouth. Just to let everyone know, that Repro 71 the Magic Company owned by Geoff Maltby, has now ceased trading.

I can confirm that I now have all the copyrights on tricks/books etc that were still owned by Repro Magic (many which were acquired from the Harry Stanley Studio, years ago) which formed the basis of the Repro business.

The rights includes all published effects & articles from Club 71 Magazine & The Magician etc.

I also have acquired all the remaining stocks from the business formerly known as Repro 71.

Geoff has been forced to bow out because of recent health issues.

A little of "Repro Magic" will live alongside Mike Danata's Magic Studio, as we reintroduce some real gems of magic, that just may have been forgotten about! (especially with so many "New" items coming out these days, on an almost daily basis!)

I shall have my work cut out over the next few months, to introduce the items into our already HUGE range! so keep checking the website.....

I've known Geoff for over 30 years, & as a professional performer I turned to Geoff to buy much of what I performed professionally, often buying all the latest items, in an age when there wasn't so many people dealing in magic, like there is now! also with a much more limited (hand picked) range!

I'm both excited by what I have acquired, & very sad because of the end of an era.

I would like to take this opportunity, to wish Geoff & his partner William all the very best for the future................

Mike Danata

July 26th 2008

PostPosted: Aug 2nd, '08, 13:37
by philipsw
'Tis indeed sad to see the end of Repro, but I'm glad you are taking over Mike because you understand the history (I remember chatting magic shops with you on a visit to your shop).

One of the things I will always remember fondly about trips to Repro was the way Geoff would always offer tea, coffee or a cold drink to visitors to the studio - it was such a pleasurable experience to enjoy a visit there - I hope you will be introducing this idea too!

Will The Magician continue to be published or is that the end?

All the best with your new stock!

PostPosted: Aug 2nd, '08, 15:32
by dat8962
I would be doubtful that Mike would have enough room in his studio for a kettle and he'll have even less room now. :lol:

Glad to see Mike is keeping up the tradition by now allowing a part of magic heritage to fade away.

I'll be down to Bournemouth in a few weeks time and will call in and browse - looking forward to it already.


PostPosted: Aug 2nd, '08, 18:45
by danata
Hi this is Mike Danata, just a quickie to answer a couple of posed questions:

Sadly the Magician Magazine from Repro has come to an end.

Unfortunately I have no room (nor facilities) to offer refreshments etc in the Studio, the only kettles I have are the "Magic Kettles" from MAK MAGIC!!!

All good wishes