Three Card Monty

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Three Card Monty

Postby dino50011 » Mar 13th, '07, 17:32

The Effect Three cards are folded slightly, two are red and one is black, and the spectator is told to follow the black card, and many times what they think is the black card really is not!

$1-3 (however much a deck of cards costs)

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

3-4, the only reason being that this trick is completely sleight of hand. No gimmicks

This is a great trick, and all you need is any ordinary deck to do it. The problem is that you ruin the whole deck by bending the three cards you are going to use. If you are into tricks that require no props, just wit and fast hands, this is perfect for that. When this trick is mastered, you can fool most people, even if they know how the trick is done! I recommend reading up on technique, even though i learned from my father. I performed this for a graduate class (im an undergrad) and it amazes any audience. Although its usually done for money, its a great game for parties and possibly the easiest to carry around, because obviously its only 3 cards! Just knowing how to do the trick is not enough, because from experiance ive found that a routine is almost required.

An overall great trick, and once its mastered, its a lot of fun, and can be done anywhere._________________

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Postby warmerclimate » Mar 13th, '07, 17:38

It is indeed a great trick, although I wouldn't rate it as difficult as 3-4.

As you say, it is (still, unfortunately) still used to make money - often as a scam. To make money using the three card monte is now illegal (in the UK at least, I don't know about other parts of the world).

There are many different variations of the 3 card monte, and many different patter routines. If you like the effect, I suggest you look into them.

When performing a three card monte routine, I often follow up with the double monte, and then move to the rest of my deck for the 2 card monte.

As I hinted, I think that the difficulty is a three, but not a 4.

- WC.

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Postby dino50011 » Mar 13th, '07, 17:43

i agree, i think i rated it a little too harshly....

and as for playing it for money, its horrible how so many take some people for everything they have...... but if you must try to get money for it, do it with a few friends and gamble as a joke, maybe at a poker game for entertainment.... some people (good friends usually) dont mind losing a few bucks for some entertainment.

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Postby beeno » Mar 13th, '07, 18:10

dino50011 wrote:some people (good friends usually) dont mind losing a few bucks for some entertainment.

Hello friend.
Let me entertain you.

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Postby dino50011 » Mar 13th, '07, 18:12

just to make things clear, i have never done this trick for money......
i only entertain with it
nice, beeno

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Postby magios » Mar 17th, '07, 21:30

thought i may mension it:
someone has ripped me off with this trick, this realy made me want to get me into magic. (only a few bucks but oh well)

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Postby TheGentleman » Mar 27th, '07, 04:58

Yeah, this is a mighty fine trick. It's given me a little more than entertainment however... :D

There's more to it than the throw and the mexican turnover however. Those are just the basics.

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Postby dino50011 » Apr 4th, '07, 18:45

Ill have to learn the variations, but the basics can be just as startling!

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Postby magicforfun » Apr 4th, '07, 18:59

Be aware on Ramblas Street in Barcelona. Loads of three card monty scammers.

I saw a video of daryl doing the three card monty. Excellent!

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Postby Mandrake » Apr 5th, '07, 09:10

Las Ramblas, great place as long as you keep your money in your pocket! Check out :D

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Postby Ruff Tuff » Aug 11th, '08, 18:28

don't do it for money, because the people will start to pick cards at random and with three cards that's a one in three chance he'll get it. if you like gimmicks theres other three card montes out there which are more visually impressive.

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Postby dat8962 » Aug 11th, '08, 18:49

This is taught in depth on the Fast Company DVD from a street performers perspective rather than a table magicians and I was surprised at all of the little nuiances that the street performers use.

I loved the way that you're lulled into a false sense of security before you're asked to place your bet.

A great routine

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Postby Relish » Aug 12th, '08, 13:06

the nice guys at Alakazam sent me Darryl's Ultra Monte as a free gift and its a really nice trick. Havent commited it to memory yet but i have run through it a few times and its really impressive.

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