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Postby Ed Wood » Oct 18th, '07, 15:29

Do you believe in reinCARDnation? If not, then prepare to become a believer. Kris Nevling brings you the world's 1st piece by piece FULL restoration of a signed playing card that uses only ONE card. Nothing Added. Totally Impromptu. Everything is examinable before, during, and after the routine.
Any card is selected and signed across the entire face or back. The card is torn into four pieces. All tears are in slow motion. No fast or funny moves. All four pieces are shown at the same time before the restoration. Two pieces are visually restored and the half back is shown front and back and the hands are shown empty. One piece is given to the spectator to hold and the third piece is restored. Once again the front and back are shown and the hands are shown empty. The final piece is retreived from the spectator and visually restored
Any Card. Any Time. Any Where.
Without question this is the greatest torn & restored card effect ever!

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

2 TO 3


The torn and restored card classic has never really been my thing but a few people recomended it to me so I thought I'd have a look and I've got to say I love it. First of all the negative though. The description claim that the card is fully examinable before, during and after....this really isn't true at all so if you're expecting to be able to show four seperate pieces and then the card back in one piece that the spectator can hold, don't bother, that would come under the catagory of real magic. The effect has to lose a few marks though for the false(ish) claim on the packaging. [EDIT..Kris Nevling the creator is good enough to explain the reasons for this below, a mix up with the DVD packaging designer]As with most torn and restored cards the card can be examined as it is being put back togther in 3 pieces and the final corner can be held.
The moves though are awesome and it really does appear that the card is being torn in 4 pieces, there's only one point that it looks a little sleighty but easily coverable and far less so than any other version of this I've seen. This is completely impromptu, no gimmicks, just sleights and none that should take long to master.
There's a really sexy alternate ending involving a blank face card that I love that makes up for the fact that card isn't entirely examinable when completely restored.
For £15 you get a well made, nicely packaged DVD that explains all the moves clearly and with good quality camera work and angles.

The best torn and restored card I've seen, still not the holy grail of torn and restored where the completely restored card can be examined but not far off. I'll probably incorporate this into my walkaround performance at some point and it's a rare trick that makes me change my routine.
7/10 due to packaging claims 9/10 otherwise

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Ed Wood
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Postby Replicant » Oct 18th, '07, 18:54

Nice review, thanks. Shame about the false claims, though; wouldn't be the first time this has happened. Why do they do that? Silly me, to con people into buying their products, of course. And it is a con if the claims they're making are blatantly false.

Sorry about the rant, but that sort of thing really annoys me.

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False Claims.

Postby » Oct 22nd, '07, 22:26

First off I would like to thank you for the great review. I'm glad you liked it and I'm sure you can see how much more practical this is in a close-up situation then other versions.
As far as the DVD cover being misleading there are two reasons for this. The first is that the following was to placed on the cover:
"You start clean. You end clean. You're even clean in the middle!!!"

Those were the words given to the cover designer. Unfourtunately she does not practice magic but has designed quite a few DVD covers. She therefore changed the wording(Took it all out and added hers) because she thought that if you end clean then everything is examinable.
Now in her defense she is kinda right. And I will be revealing a little of the method here(but that's O.K. it's my trick) because when the trick is over everything is examinable. Now I know it's a little misleading because anyone could easily take that as meaning the signed card is examinable. If that were the case then with all the other stipulations put on the trick you would have to be able to really do magic. I will give a detailed description of the trick then I will post a link in the File Sharing section that has me performing the routine to the woman who edited the DVD.

EFFECT- The magician offers to show the spectator an illusion. He produces a deck of cards and asks the spectator to name any card(no force) The Named card is removed from the deck and the rest of the card are put in the magicians pocket. This card is signed across the front(they really can sign it ANYWHERE it doesn't matter) The spectator is asked to hold on to the marker until the illusion is over.
With empty hands(they really are) the magician begins to fold the card in half then in half again creating what appears to be like 4 sections of the card. The magician explains that the card really isn't folded because this is all an illusion. He offers to take the illusion to the next level. He then slowly(with the signature in view, and depending on where the spectator signed their card right through the signature.) begins to rip the card. He rips one corner completely out and pockets it. The next corner is torn off in slow motion as close to the spectator as possible. They are even asked to make sure the card not only looks like it's ripping but to make sure it sounds like it's ripping. This piece is torn completely off. The half card that is left over is slowly ripped until it is hanging by a centimeter and the magician asks the spectator to finish tearing it. They do and this leaves 4 pieces. The signature is in view through the entire ripping procedure and since you really do only use one card for this routine your hands aren't hiding any other cards so you can focus on your presentation.
Two pieces are placed in the right front pocket and two pieces are held at the fingertips. These two pieces are instantly restored. The half card is shown front and back and the magicians hands are clearly empty(because they really are.) The next piece is removed from the pocket and visibly restored to the card. The 3 quartered card is shown front and back and the spectator is asked to examine it to make sure the magician is not using any glue or tape or anything else. The spectator agrees that the card really is restored. The final piece is taken from the spectator(I forgot to mention they hold that piece for a while) and the magician explains that this piece will be a little harder because there are 2 sections that need to restore. None the less he instantly restores the final piece.
The magician reminds the spectator that he said everything was an illusion. He proves it by showing that he never really even had a card because both of his hands are now empty. The card has completely vanished leaving no clue as to how this illusion was created.

O.K. That's a true and unedited description of the trick. since the card vanishes at the end everything IS examinable. Kinda like if you have a gimmicked coin that allows you to perform a complete vanish and after the vanish you're clean then it would be O.K. to say Everything is examinable because the coin is gone it can't be examined.
I'm not trying to make excuses because like I said I can see how some people(most people) would assume the card is examinable at the end. But in reality everything IS examinable. That is everything that's left.
Other than that I will say this. This trick is a WORKER. it can be performed everywhere, and it's so easy compared to all other methods. IF you're interested in getting a copy send me a pm and I'll tell you about my special offer. I don't really want to use this forum to advertise so just pm me if you want to know about it.
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Postby IAIN » Oct 23rd, '07, 09:31

i became a little obsessed with torn and restored cards ages ago and was always dissapointed...i love this one though..

still gotta smooth out my handling, but its pure quality i must say...

lovely subtleties too...i've an idea using some flash paper that im working on soon, and a contract with the devil for a dark presentation/story...

8.5/10 from me...maybe a 9...


Postby » Oct 23rd, '07, 15:07

Happy to hear people are liking it. Feel free to ask any questions if you are having trouble with the routine.
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Postby I.D » Oct 23rd, '07, 15:57

Ive yet to see a T&R plot that compares to TORN which I think is great, but this does sound very good. !! Youtube Project started.. early days

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video demo

Postby » Oct 23rd, '07, 18:47

In case every wasn't aware from my first post there is a video of me performing this from start to finish over in the file sharing section.
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Postby Ed Wood » Oct 23rd, '07, 19:53

Hi Kris, thanks for taking the time to clear up the packaging inconsistencies. I've amended my review accordingly.
I was doing a coroporate thing on Sunday and at the end of the day I thought I'd give it a go as a final impromptu bit for a couple of drunks at the bar. Tacked it on to the end of an ambitious card and it went down a treat, I was amazed to get such a strong reaction from a torn and restored card. As soon as I've figured out a routine and an ending I'm happy with I'll defiantely be using this regularly.
Cheers, Ed

Ed Wood
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Postby » Oct 23rd, '07, 21:19

once again thanks, and sorry if there was any confusion.
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Postby trashmanf » Oct 24th, '07, 21:28

hmmm... I really love TORN but this sounds different in a couple of ways. I may pick this up just because after I do TORN people want me to "do it again" and a different method will really fry :D going to watch your video now kris, if its good i'll be pm'ing you to hear about the special offer - thanks!

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Postby moonbeam » Oct 25th, '07, 15:39

Does anyone have this and TORN as I'd like to know how the 2 compare :?:

In this routine, is it possible, instead of vanishing the card at the end (presumably 'cos it's not examinable), to rip it up into 4 pieces and then hand the 4 pieces out for examination - I can think of a few reasons for ripping it up. It's just the whole vanishing thing seems to me like you're disposing of the evidence :roll: .

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Postby seige » Oct 25th, '07, 16:05

moonbeam wrote:Does anyone have this and TORN as I'd like to know how the 2 compare :?:

In this routine, is it possible, instead of vanishing the card at the end (presumably 'cos it's not examinable), to rip it up into 4 pieces and then hand the 4 pieces out for examination - I can think of a few reasons for ripping it up. It's just the whole vanishing thing seems to me like you're disposing of the evidence :roll: .

I have sort of sat on the fence over this so far, but frankly, what makes TORN such a great effect is the finish.

Much like Yves Doumergues' effect, the card piece-by-piece restores into a tangible, handleable object.

My immediate reaction with ReinCARDnation from a performance point of view is that although it looks very nice indeed, I just cant help thinking that there's something missing.

As I remember (and yes, I do have a memory!) this effect was released some time ago, surrounded in controversy? Is this the same 'one-card, non-restoration' effect?

Anyhow, the only reason personally I won't touch this is because I know several versions—including Paul Harris's 'Rip off' routine. Although—PH's routine uses ONE card, and with the exception of the last corner, does the same job as ReinCARDnation.

Now, frankly... if this effect is so good, and plays like it says, I would love to buy it and use it. Sadly, though, the very fact it's a MagicMakers product fills me with the uneasy feeling that this has more flaws than a cheap diamond.

Sorry to sound blunt... but seriously, £15 for ANOTHER torn and restored—which ends with the card NOT restored...? Am I missing something here?

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Postby Sym » Oct 25th, '07, 16:38

moonbeam wrote:Does anyone have this and TORN as I'd like to know how the 2 compare

At the moment (for me, anyways) nothing can compare to TORN. It is a no nonsene, no st***k, fully examinable, piece by piece restoration of a card.

For me, a t&r card HAS to be examinable. Ok, so ReinCARDnation essentially eliminates the "need" to hand out... however I don't buy it, and not sure if the spec will either.

The only way this effect could be stronger, is if you used it AFTER another T&R which IS examinable. To follow up TORN with this, would (in my view) triple the impact of both effects. Leaving the specs to pick up their jaws...

If you did that, however.. you would not be able to leave the card with one of THE most amazing souvenirs available in magic... a restored card which they signed beforehand, and watched you put back together.. piece by piece.


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Postby trashmanf » Oct 25th, '07, 19:02

I really agree with you guys that TORN is great because you can hand out the card. But I also agree with the above poster that this could be a possible follow-up, i.e. now they get to sign the FRONT of the card or something to that effect.

I don't like that you "vanish" the card at the end, this is kind of weak magic in my opinion, because now the spec will really think that you didn't really restore it.

Still, I may get this effect so i can compare it directly to TORN and write up a review after trying it out on some laymen. i get really good reactions from TORN so this one would have to be pretty damn good to stack up. Of course it's easy to prove that you're tearing the card up when you don't have to actually restore it, lol :)

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Postby » Oct 25th, '07, 19:31

I understand the concerns about vanishing the card, but believe me they are unfounded. The spectators do examine the card after the third piece is restored. So they know you are restoring the card. This eliminates the thought that you are merely holding it together or taping it. Then the last piece is restored and eventually the who card is vanished. this is a very strong piece of magic. You only need to try it one time and you will see why.
As to the poster who asked if you can just rip the pieces up and hand them out instead of vanishing them. Yes you can and I have done this on many occasions usually saying something like,"Now if you can put these back together I will tell you how I did it."
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