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Postby buddhaben » Jul 22nd, '08, 03:08

I have just watched the video, i downloaded it off of magicshop, here is my review=

Is it worth the money or is it another trick not worth buying?

My personal opinon on this trick is that it is worth buying. Why? Well as far as the secret and simplicity this trick is brilliant for what you get because of how visual it is (they can see their coin actually go into their own bottle) and the fact that the person can spend the rest of their life examining the bottle afterwards with a microscope (if they have nothing better to do lol).

Can you borrow the bottle?

Yes you can, all they need to give you is the bottle with the bottle cap.

Is it an easy trick to perform?

Without giving too much detail as to expose i would say that yes it is easy to perform, there are a few minor misdirections and certain easy enough "things with you hands" you will have to do to perform it, but honestly this is very simple. I beleive this is a trick you can really master quite easily and really make it your own, with your own way of doing it.

For risk of exposure purposes i dont think there is much to add to this, i notice alot of people can ask questions around certain tricks but this can eventualy leak exposure thru the process of elimination.
But i will say that "whatever" you need for this trick is cheap and you can get it anywhere!

final thoughts=

I would give this trick an overall 9.4/10 if you do the trick very well.
like most tricks, when you know how its done you loose the idea of "this must be a miracle" which can make you disappointed, but we are all used to that :-)
The ability to be able to perform something that baffles people, seems impossible and giving them the bottle after to inspect as much as they want is a miracle in itself.

Peace peeps :D :wink:

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Postby Lenoir » Jul 22nd, '08, 12:16

Nice review, but PLEASE search before posting.
Alreaydy a review here :

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