Allen Tipton RIP - Broken Wand

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Allen Tipton RIP - Broken Wand

Postby Alfred Borden » Nov 8th, '12, 11:01

Received the phone call I was dreading this morning

Allen's wife ringing me to say that Allen had passed away this morning

Not only only has the magic community lost a great man but the World has lost one of the nicest people anyone would wish to come across

RIP Allen

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Alfred Borden
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Re: Allen Tipton RIP

Postby Stephen Ward » Nov 8th, '12, 11:08

Oh no! such a sad thing to hear

Stephen Ward
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Re: Allen Tipton RIP

Postby MiKo » Nov 8th, '12, 11:12

I am deeply saddened by this news, although I was expecting it sooner or later.

I never met him in person, but he has been one of the kindest and useful people to me here on the forum.

If I ever get to be a performing magician, I will owe it mostly to him.

Much more importantly, since I got his last PM last week, his enthusiasm in helping random strangers with the art he loved has been a great source of inspiration and I will bring this lesson with me.

All in all, just with the few lines we exchanged on this forum, he made me a better person, and I cannot say the same of many other people.

I will greatly miss him.

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Re: Allen Tipton RIP

Postby daleshrimpton » Nov 8th, '12, 11:15

a blessed relief for him , and his family. It is exactly how he would of wanted it. No pain, no suffering, just quick.

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Re: Allen Tipton RIP

Postby Lord Freddie » Nov 8th, '12, 11:16

Very sad indeed. The world has lost a very kind, generous and rare man today.

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Lord Freddie
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Re: Allen Tipton RIP

Postby soveda » Nov 8th, '12, 11:18

Very sad, I hope he was with his family and comfortable.

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Re: Allen Tipton RIP

Postby Aza » Nov 8th, '12, 11:25

Rest in peace Mr Tipton, you will be missed and every performance of the cups & balls i do, will be for you! (Allen helped me with putting my Cups & Balls routine together only a few weeks ago via email)

One of the most sincere, genuine, helpful people i have ever had the fortune to speak to

My thoughts are with your family

Much love


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Re: Allen Tipton RIP

Postby Mr_Grue » Nov 8th, '12, 11:26

Dreadful news. Do let us know if there's anywhere we can send flowers or donations or whatever.

Simon Scott

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Re: Allen Tipton RIP

Postby CArlight1958 » Nov 8th, '12, 11:38

That's so sad :(

God only takes the best.
In Allen's case, that's oh so true.
A lovely man, with such a big heart.


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Re: Allen Tipton RIP

Postby DaveM » Nov 8th, '12, 11:54

I didn't know, Allen but I feel for his family and friends right now. My gran (on my mother's side) is soon to go in exactly the same same way and I lost my mum last year to a brain tumour. It is horrible to see a loved one get trapped by cancer but I have noticed that it brings out the bravery and fight in them. Even near the end, they gave/give me strength to hold it together and it has made me very proud of them. I'm sure Allen's family and friends are just as proud of him.

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Re: Allen Tipton RIP - Broken Wand

Postby Mandrake » Nov 8th, '12, 11:55

We will miss his friendly and generous contributions, certainly a great magician and a great man. Let his legacy be as in his final words to us:

Farewell. It has been a joy working and helping you all
This is my last evr message to you--BUT
1. Look carefully at your presentations/routines
2. Look carefully at your performing personality & audience approach'
3' Do SCRIPT--even roughly--everythingyou might say

Time to weep, time to mourn, then time to take heart and ensure Allen's work is remembered for generations to come.

For those who would like to contribute towards an expression of sympathy and love for Allen, a collection has been arranged at ftopic44815.php

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Re: Allen Tipton RIP - Broken Wand

Postby Lady of Mystery » Nov 8th, '12, 12:26

Allen was an amazingly kind and helpful man who went out of his way offer many of us here huge support and help. People like him are few and far between. All my thoughts are with his friends and family.

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Lady of Mystery
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Re: Allen Tipton RIP - Broken Wand

Postby mr invisible » Nov 8th, '12, 12:51

:shock: :shock: No words can be said in a time like this.. :(

Is magic really real ??
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mr invisible
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Re: Allen Tipton RIP - Broken Wand

Postby Aza » Nov 8th, '12, 13:21

I think it's absolutely wonderful seeing all the members Allen inspired and helped post here!!

If i could ever be half the magician he was, i'll consider myself extremely talented!

Just think guys, if Allen could see all these lovely comments I'm sure he would be touched, and he helped so many people, so selflessly, i think it's a brilliant tribute to such a great man.

Much love


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Re: Allen Tipton RIP - Broken Wand

Postby dat8962 » Nov 8th, '12, 14:11

Despite the anticipation of this news, when it finally arrives it still leaves you with an overwhelming sense of loss. It's a blessing to hear that Allen passed without any pain. Thoughts be with his family in their time of need. R.I.P.

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