routines for impression devices

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routines for impression devices

Postby tomkane » Apr 25th, '20, 19:37

hi everyone im Tom just joined been doing magic long time now and i wasnt very sure where to post this. but i was hoping someone out there in magic world could hep me. im looking for routines using impression devices. i have informer by Lloyd Mobley which im very happy with and have had various different impression devices over the years but never been really happy with any of the routines they came with and im sure there must be a good collection of works published out there either combined or scattered about i know 13 steps has a few and im browsing through my copy of T.A Walters m,m&m but hell thats a big book and was just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be very appreciated. thank you in advance if you can help so . . . Thank you

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Re: routines for impression devices

Postby Mandrake » Apr 25th, '20, 20:39

Hi Tom, welcome to TM. The forum is a bit quiet these days but hang in there and you might get some suggestions in due course!

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