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Magic Workshop

Postby bananafish » May 7th, '06, 00:40

The Graham Clarke Memorial Day Workshop.

The Ipswich Magical Society are hosting a Magic Workshop for potential young magians (11-15) on Saturday 13th May (Next Week).

It is in honour of the late Graham Clarke. A local magician who wanted to give something back to magic. It will take place in Stratford St Mary (Between Ipswich and Colchester).

There are only so many places still available, so if you are interested (either in helping out or taking part), please pm me for more details.


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Postby Flash » May 14th, '06, 00:48

Hi Bananfish,

How'd it go?

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Postby bananafish » May 14th, '06, 23:02

Actually - it was much better than I expected. Thank you for asking Flash. (You nearly got a call asking to come an help out by the way).

It was a difficult thing to organise as we didn't want to advertsie it too widely and get a load of secret seekers along, but similarly we wanted to provide a genuine workshop where future young magicians could come and learn.

The youngsters were all aged between 10-15. To be honest maybe 12-16 would have been a a better age range, and perhaps each workshop should only have been 30 minutes and not 45 minutes in length, but everyone present, magicians, helpers and students all seemed to come away having had a great afternoon.

There wer ethree workshops taught, all by professional magicians. Ted Lumby did Rope magic, Chris Vince did Card Magic and Dave Brown did spongeballs.

Alan Maskell (of the Pentacle Club) started off by talking about the Magic Circle and the Young Magicians Club, which was very important I think to see where they all could go next. Then the three lecturers all gave a 10 minute standup act just to show how enteratining magic can be. These guys are all seriously good.

The group was split into three and the workshops ran alongside each other.

After 45 minutes we had a break , and the group moved on to the next workshop.

It was a great day. A lot of fun, and with the students and lectureres all so enthusiastic, it is something I wouldn't mind organising again.

I should of course mention that it was all down to the late Graham Clarke. A magician in Colchester who left us a fund to run the workshop, which was why it was so cheap. Actually I was surprised that none of the Talk Magic younger members were interested. Learning Sponge balls from Dave Brown would have been awesome (actually it was awesome - I sat in on one of his workshops :))

I took loads of photos on the day - so may post more.

Dave Brown demontrates how fun magic is with his now famous (as seen on TV) Thumb Tie routine.
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