REVIEW INDEX: Last updated on Oct 5, 2009 at 3:12pm

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REVIEW INDEX: Last updated on Oct 5, 2009 at 3:12pm

Postby Replicant » Aug 5th, '07, 18:51

Reviews have not been categorised and prices and other details have not been listed (please see individual reviews for this information).


Review Index
Last updated: Oct 5, 2009 at 3:12pm

Latest reviews:
iChange Project by Peter Nardi
Just Think by JB Magic
iDeck by Noel Qualter
Instant Radio by Shahid Malik
Guru by Jay Crowe
iPhone trick: IlluCoin
Converter by Kreis Magic
iPhone trick by Penn and Teller
Linking Rings Close Up by Matthew Garrett
Colour Burn by David Forrest
Davenports Magic Course for Beginners
Hell's Tea Towel


1 Way and 3 Way Deck
1001 Aladdin Playing Cards
2wo Faced - David Forrest
3 Choice - Wayne Dobson
3 Shell - Deluxe Turtle Shells by Black Fox
3CM by Jamie Schoolcraft

Abyss - Revolutionary Coin in Bottle
Abyss - Ultimate Coin in Bottle
Aces in Their Faces - Bob Kohler
Aero Floating Light Bulb
After Dinner Magic
Air Currency
Airtight by Jay Sankey
Ali Bongo Hat
Alien Invasion
Alone... by David Regal
Alpha Cards - Jesses Magic
Amazing Jumping Arrow
Amazing Magical Wonder Deck
Amazing Magical Wonder Deck
Ambelitious Card - Masuda
Animal Sense by Alan Wong
Animated Card Thru Balloon of Death - Kevin James
Animated Shoelace
Any Ring - Richard Sanders
Appearing and Floating Mic Stand
Aquarius - Cap in Bottle by The Enchantment
Astor Mental - Astor
Astral Projection by Jay Sankey

The B.I.P. Book
Balls Galore by Gosh
Balnagown by Black Hart
Bang On - Marc Oberon
Barcode Revelation
Barking Dog - Etienne Pradier
The Bat
Behind the 8 Ball
Bending Card - Guy Bavli
Between The Lines - Michael Murray
Beyond ESP 2 - Michael Murray
Bicycle Black Raiders Deck
Bicycle Black Stealth Deck - Magic Makers Inc.
Bicycle Clear Plastic Playing Cards
Bicycle Coloured Playing Cards
Bicycle Gaff Deck - Ellusionist
Bicycle Gaff Deck - Ellusionist
Bicycle Ghost Deck - Ellusionist
Bicycle Ghost Deck and Bicycle Shadow Masters Deck comparison
Bicycle Guardians Playing Cards
Bicycle Karnival Deck by Big Blind Media
Bicycle Masters Edition Playing Cards - Ellusionist
Bicycle Masters Edition Playing Cards - Ellusionist
Bicycle Masters Edition Playing Cards - Ellusionist
Bicycle Masters Edition Playing Cards - Ellusionist
Bicycle Masters Edition Playing Cards - Ellusionist
Bicycle Plastic Playing Cards by Vincenzo Di Fatta
Bicycle Playing Cards
Bicycle PokerPeek Pro Playing Cards
Bicycle Rainbow Deck
Bicycle Seconds Deck
Bicycle Vintage Series 1800 Playing Cards - Ellusionist
Bicycle Vintage Series 1800 Playing Cards - Ellusionist
Bigger Finish by Jay Sankey
Bill in Lemon
Billusion - Jay Sankey
Birdcage Paddle
Bisection - Andrew Mayne
Bitten 50p
Black and White Surprise
Blank Mental Telepathy Cards by Chazpro Magic
Blindsight - Devin Knight
Blindspot by Bob Swadling and Mark Mason
Blizzard - Dean Dill
Blizzard - Dean Dill
Bloody Hell Fire
Body Language by Charles Gauchi
Body Language by Charles Gauchi
Bold Business - Patrick Kuffs
Bra Out of Shirt
Brain Drain
Buckethead by Brad Manuel
Bullet Catch 22
Burglar Ball - Tenyo

C2C Signed Coin in Signed Card
Caj Deck 2
Cameleon Silks
Can-Tastic by Sam Lane
Candle of Shangrila -
The Cannabis Effect - Daniel Young and Lee Hathaway
Canz - Kevin Parker
Capitulating Cards by James Swain
Card Clip - Joe Porper
Card Cognition by Rodger Lovins
Card Warp
Cardiographic - Martin Lewis
Cardmaker (website review)
Cardtoon and Cardtoon 2 by Dan Harlan
Cardtoon 2 by Dan Harlan
Carnie Tarot by Outlaw Effects
Cash Flow (UK 10p version) by Wayne Dobson
Casino Royale
The Cell - David Stone
Chain Gang by Marc DeSouza
The Champagne Card by Astor Magic
The Change Bag
Chaos 2 by Mark Elsdon
Chinese Bit by Eddie Gibson
Chop Cups - Five of Hearts
Christmas Carol Booktest
Chronologue - Bob Cassidy
Clear Plastic Bicycle Deck
Clone Coin by Mark Lee
Close-Up Mat (large, black) by Empire
Close to Death - The Black Hart
Cogito Ergo Sum
Coin Extraction (£1/1p)
Coin in Bottle - Ellusionist
Coin Unique (£1/1p) - Eddie Gibson
Coin Unique
Coinvexed by David Penn
Coinvexed 2 by David Penn
Coke Bottle (Production Item)
Color Monte
Colour Burn by David Forrest
Colour Coins - Mark Leveridge
Come Fly with Me - Mark Mason
Comedy Egg Can
Comput'a Card - Jack Jansen
The Condemned by Dr. Todd
Converter by Kreis Magic
Copper Silver Extreme by Kris Rubens
Corner of Piccadilly by Paul Gordon
Crazy Cell Phone into Bottle Magic - Criss Angel
Credit Card Change by Rob Bromley
Crook Lock
Crystal Card
Crystal Clear by Wayne Dobson
Cups and Balls - Uday

D'Lite Flight
Dark Light by Stephane Jardonnet
Davenports Magic Course for Beginners
Dead Reckoning - Peter Duffie
Death Wish - The Black Hart
Deception Deck
Decisions - Mozique
Deck of Dice
Deep Astonishment by Paul Harris
Deep Astonishment II: The Gypsy
Defective Deck
Deluxe Brema Bill Tube by Viking Manufacturing co.
Deluxe Locked Box (Lippincott Box)
Departure by MagicSmith
Departure Ring Flight
Design Duplication System by Richard Osterlind
Diary Trick - Paul Gordon
Dice Illusion by H. T. Magic
Diceman by Andy Nyman
Dicey Dots
Die-Cipher II
Digital Dissolve
Dime and Penny
Diminishing Returns by Mike Powers
Director's Cut by Simon Shaw (AKA bananafish)
Director's Cut - The Horror Edition by Simon Shaw (AKA bananafish)
Dis Jointed by Joe Russell
Disappearing Card Case
Disecto Arm Chopper
Dissolving Coin
Divine Time by Jason Palter
Double Back by Jon Allen
Double Stop
Dream Queen
Dream Rope
Dreamweaver by Enchantment
Duality - Gary Jones
Duplicity by John Bannon
Dynamic Coins

Easy Money + Variations
Easy Monte
Egg Bag Ultimate
Eight Ball by Larry West (Royal Magic)
Electric Touch by Yigal Mesika
Electric Touch by Yigal Mesika
Electric Touch (accessories)
Electronic Rating Pen
The Elevator by Peter Loughran
Eliminator - Adrian Sullivan
Emergency Cash - Shufton's Magic
Empathy - The Black Hart
The Enchanted Cube - Fooler Doolers
The Energized Coin by Marvin's Magic
Enlightenment: The Ultimate Floating Card by Ben Harris
Entourage - Gordon Bean
Erazer 2.0 by Adrian Gower
Escalator by Gaeton Bloom
ESPecially WILD by Paul Hallas
ESPerfect by Peter Nardi and Mozique
ESPerfect - Peter Nardi and Mozique
Exchange Deck - David Goring
Exit - Peter Eggink
Exploding Light Bulb by Yigal Mesika
Extra Credit by Joshua Jay
The Extractor by Rob Bromley and Peter Nardi
Extreme Burn - Richard Sanders
Eye to Eye

Factory Sealed
Far Sight by Devin Knight
Far Sight by Devin Knight
The Fat Pack
Fickle Nickel/Vanishing Nickel - John Cornelius
Fire Wallet
First Impressions by Scott Creasey
Flaming Business Card
Flash Kit by Flash Magic
Flash Paper
Flash Silk Wand (Metal Tips)
Flow - Dan Hauss
Focal Point by Andrew Mayne
Folding Coin - 10p
Foreign Affair - Gregory Wilson
Four Way Force Wallet
FreaKey by Gregory Wilson
Free Will - Elmwood Magic
Frenzy by Stephen Tucker
Frequent Flyer - Evan Beaugard
From Hell by Lebanon Circle
Frozen in Time - Masuda
FUSE (Spirit Fire Writing Solution)
Future Zone

G-Force by eMagic Supply
The Gecko
Ghost Glass/Spirit Glass
Ghost Vision - Andrew Mayne
Ghost Vision Reload Pack #1
Gibiceire - Mighell Illusions
Gold Rush - Ronjo Magic
The Grail - Mike Rose
Guerrilla Guide to Using Loops
Guru by Jay Crowe
Gut Buster by Andrew Mayne
The Gypsy Curse by Tonny Van Rhee
Gypsy Deck by Card-Shark
Gypsy Deck and Medieval Tarot
Gypsy Thread

Hang 'em High - Bob Sheets
Haunted Deck
Haunted Key
Healed and Sealed
Heinstein Shuffle
Heiny 500
Heirloom by Jamie Badman & Colin Miller
The Heirloom Monte
Heirloom Wallet
Heirloom Wallet
Hell's Tea Towel
The Hemmingway Lock by Collectors Workshop
The Hidden by Andy Nyman
Hijacked - Steve Morrison
Holey Sh*t! - Pete Firman & Anthony Owen
Holy Moly by Jay Sankey
Holy Moly by Jay Sankey
The Hooey Stick
Hopping Half Sun and Moon Set
Hopping Half Sun and Moon Set - observations
Hot Rod
Hover Card - Dan Harlan
Hover Card - Dan Harlan
Hua Hin Dice
Humming Bird Card
Humming Card
Hypno Aces

iChange Project by Peter Nardi
Ickle Pickle - Blister
iDeck by Noel Qualter
Identity by Richard Sanders
Impossible Ignition by Koontz
In a Flash by Jay Sankey
In a Flash by Jay Sankey
Indecks by Gary Sumpter
Infusion - Geir Bratlie
Instant Radio by Shahid Malik
The Intercessor by Gaetan Bloom
Interlace - Richard Sanders
Interlace - Richard Sanders
The Invisible Hand by Michel
Inviso Flash by Jim Pace
iPhone trick by Penn and Teller
iPhone trick: IlluCoin
It's All in the Hands (Coins & Regular Objects)

Jardonnet Wallet AKA Caps on Fire
JL2 Scam Wallet
Joker Joker by Gordon Bean
JOL Billfold Wallet
JOL Plus Wallet (Small) - Jerry O'Connell
Jump Ropes - Jim Jayes
Just Imagine (with DVD) - Jay Sankey
Just Think by JB Magic

Kaps on Fire Wallet
Kids Kards - Richard Pinner
Killer Elite Pro by Andy Nyman
Kioku by Outlaw Effects
Kit Vandou pou les enfants (Voodoo Kit) - Larry White
Knew Age by Al Smith
Knock 'Em Dead by Peter NArdi
Knotted Silks - Slydini
Koornwinder Kar
Kozar Prediction Notepad
Kozuch Gimmick

Labelled - Ben Williams
The Lady Travels by Kenton Knepper
Ladybug - Paul Harris, Paul Vigil & Roy Kueppers
Lethal Tender
The Light and Heavy Glass
Link by Nabil Murday
Linking Finger Ring - Top Hat Productions
Linking Laces - Paul Harris
Linking Laces - Paul Harris
Linking Rings Close Up by Matthew Garrett
Lip Smacker
Liquid Money by Ben Williams
Liquid Penetration AKA Crazy Liquid
Lite Flite
Little Smoke
Little Smoke
Locked for Life
Locked in Thought by Paul Brook
Locking Card Box - Joe Porper
The Lone Stranger by Paul Richards
Lord of the Bling - Comedy Ring Flight by Wayne Goodman

M5 System Pro PK Kit
M5 System Pro PK Kit
M5 System Pro PK Kit
MacDonald's Aces
MacDonald's Aces
Madame Endora's Fortune Cards by Monolith Graphics
Magic Blood by Trevor Duffy
Magic Colouring Book
Magic Mints (Magic Linking Candy)
Magic Trousers
Magicians Wax
Magicians Wax (Robbins)
Magicians Wax, Hard - NUMS XAW
Magicmandan's Top 10 in 2008
Magnetic Ring
Magnetic Street Shells by Whit Hadyn and Chef Anton
Magnum Wallet - Outlaw Effects
Magnum M3M Wallet - Outlaw Effects
The Magus Capsule by Jay Sankey
Mark of The Beast - The Black Hart
Marked Deck comparison
Marvin's Amazing Magic Tricks
Marvin's Magic Deluxe Pocket Tricks #1
Marvin's Magic Freaky Body Illusions
Masters Time Machine Watch
Matchbooking - S. J. Lea
Matchbox Penetration
Matrix by Mickael Chatelain
The Medieval Tarot by Card-Shark
Meltdown by Alakazam
Mental ESP
Mental Force by Wayne Dobson
Mental Photography Deck
Mental Safari
Mental UFO2 - Labco
Mental Yarn by Bill Goldman
Mercuring by Jay Sankey
Mesika's Elastics
Meteor Paddle by Brian Greer
Mikame Appearing Table
Millennium Pack
Mind Power Deck - John Kennedy
Mind Snap - Jon Brown
MindShades by Peter Loughran
Mini Zombie - Vernet
Miracle Chip - Mark Mason
Miracle Coin (Coin Unique)
Mirage by Kevin Parker
Mirage Coin Set by Craig Petty
Mirage Deck
Mirage Wallet - Mark Mason
Miser's Cup
Miser's Dream Granted by Mikame
Misled by Timothy Wenk
Mississippi Sam by Black Hart
The Mogtrix - Andy Hunter
Mona Lisa's Secret by Card Shark
Money Roller (Paul Zenon style)
Monkey in the Middle - Bill Goldman
Monsta Bertha Kit
Monster Bertha Kit
Moving Violation by Jay Sankey
Moving Violation by Jay Sankey
The Mujinzu Box by Mikame Craft
Multiplying 3D Sponge Rabbits by Michael Ammar
Multiplying Watches
Mystery Key Holder by Mikame

N.F.W. by Gary Freed
Nana's Necklace by Dean Dill
Nest of Boxes
Nestor Hato: DVD + Gimmick
Nickles to Dimes
Ninja Coin Set
No Ring Ring Hank
No Smoking - Jean-Luc Bertrand
The Nothing Box
Northbound - Sean Fields
Nosferatu Nail
Nun None! by Michael Mode

Octopus Deck - Bill Abbott
Oddball - Marc Oberon
Oh! Wee Gee Card Haunted Deck Gimmick - Nathan Kranzo
Omni Deck
The One and Only - Paul Harris & Tony MaClaren
Ouija Card by Black Hart
Outlaw Wallet - Outlaw Effects

Padgali - NUMS
Paint Surprise - Devin Knight
Pandora's Box by Jay Sankey
Pass and Peek: A Mentalist's Utility by Dr. Todd
Passing Thru
Passing Thru
Pen Penetration
Pencil-on-Thumb Writers
Pendulum Plus by Black Hart
Penny Change
Penvan Predicto
Perfect Penetration
The Perfect Three Shell Game
Phil Plus! by Trevor Duffy and Phil Goldstein
Phil Plus! by Trevor Duffy and Phil Goldstein
Piatnik Range of Cards
Pilot Frixion Pen
Pimpernel Notecase Wallet - Peter Scarlett
Planetary Glyphs by Brad Toulouse/Mephysto Magick Studio
Pocket Space by Anthony Miller
Poker Chip Polka
Poker Chip Surprise - Joe Porper
Pop-Eyed Popper
Power of the Crystal
Power of the Tarot - The Black Hart
Power Pickpocket Wallet Burgoon and Goshman
Predictable Card Deck (Marked Bicycle Deck)
Pressure - Daniel Garcia and Dan White
Pressure - Merchant of Magic
Prime Cut - Bob Kohler
Professor's Nightmare
Professor's Nightmare
Prohibition (Ultimate Cap in Bottle)
PSImbol Deck by Vernet
Psych Out by Marc Oberon
Push Thru 2 - Tim Star

Quarantine by Craig Petty
Quick Change by Steve Dusheck

Radical Dice Routine by Sol Stone
Rainbow Cascade
Rainbow Chips
Rainbow Deck
Rainbow Rings - Practical Magic
RaMa Deck
The Raven
The Raven
The Raven
Raven Killer
Raven Slates - Doc Hilford
Raven X2
Real Man's Wallet - Steve Draun
Reality Twister - Paul Harris
The Red Carpet - Jason Palter
Reflections - Outlaw Effects
Reincardnation by Kris Nevling
Requiem - The Black Hart
Revelations Shirt
Revolution Coin Vanish
Ring a Ring a Rosie - Five of Hearts
Ring Flight Revolution by Dave Bonsall
Ring Flight to Key Chain
Ring Off Bolt
Ring Through String
Riser Deck by Mark Elsdon
Rocky Racoon
Rose From a Card
Royal Scam by John Bannon
Rubber Bands (no.19 size, assorted colours)
Rubik's Remembered by Mark Elsdon
Russian Roulette - Alan Rorrison

S.T.EL.TH Loops with Silkworm Thread
The Same Card - Wayne Dobson
Sanctum - David Forrest
Sanctum 2 - Outlaw Effects
Sanctum 3 - Outlaw Effects
Scorpion - Outlaw Effects
Scorpion Pro UV Package
Scotch and Soda
Scotch and Soda
Screwed Deck - Paul Harris
Self Tying Shoelace - Jay Noblezada
Self Tying Shoelace - Jay Noblezada
Self Tying Shoelace - Jay Noblezada
Self Tying Shoelace - Jay Noblezada
Self Tying Shoelace - Jay Noblezada
Sharpie Sense - Kenton Knepper
Shell Game
Ship Deck
Shirt Happens - Angelo Carbone
Shock FX by Andrew Mayne
Shoet by Mark Southworth and Mark Mason (JB Magic)
Signature Trick
Silent Butler
The Silent Treatment - Jon Allen
Silk to Panties
Silk Vanish/TT
Sinister UK - Outlaw Effects
Six Card Repeat
Slip Off Spots - Aluminum
Smokey Magic - Trevor Duffy
Sneek a Peek
Snowstorm in China
Social Distortion - Andrew Mayne
Son of Mindscan
Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener
The Space Between by Jason Palter
Spider Pen
Spider Pen by Yigal Mesika
Spin Doctor by John Bannon
Spinning Coin
Spirit Slates
Splat Pop Dice
Sponge - Jay Noblezada
Spongeball Toolbox - Steve Dacri
Spooked - Nicholas Einhorn
Spot On - Wayne Dobson
Sprung and Dagger by Ryan Schultz
Squash! by David Loosley
Stained Skin
Stealth Assassin Mentalist Utility Wallet
Stealth Wallet - Peter Nardi
Stealth Wallet & Sight Unseen comparison
Stigmata by Wayne Houchin
Strange Travellers - Paul Harris
Stripper Deck (USPCC Factory Sealed)
Stripper Deck
Subterfuge Magic System - Kenneth Sanders
Sudden Deck II
Super Mario Bros SFX Key Ring
Super Sharpie
Superman Coin Bend - Roy Kueppers
Svengali Deck
Svengali Deck
Switcher by Richard James
Symbologic by Hen Fetsch
Symbology by Sean Taylor
Sympathetink - Mathieu Bich
Synchronicity by Black Hart
Synchronicity Plus by Black Hart

T'Wave - The Black Hart
T-3 by Christopher Taylor and Alakazam Magic
Tagged by Richard Sanders
Tagged by Richard Sanders
Tail Spin - Children's Magic
Tally-Ho Playing Cards
Tally-Ho Split Spades Playing Cards
Tattoo Joe by Joe Russell and Paul Harris
Tearable - from Doc Eason's Bar Magic, volume 3
Tele Thought Wallet by Chris Kenworthey
Tele Thought Wallet by Chris Kenworthey
Tell Tale Tarot - The Black Hart
Tenyo Elite
Th1rte3n by Nicholas Paul
That Bottle Production - Kozak
The Thing by Bill Abbott
Third Degree Burn - Jason Palter
The Thought Reader Card by Paul Brook
Thought Transmitter - John Cornelius
Thought Transmitter - John Cornelius
Three Card Monte
Three Card Monte
Time Change
Time Perception
Titanic Deck
The Tommy Pad by Thom Bleasdale
Topit by Fabric Manipulations
Topit and Pockets Superset by Jay Scott Berry
Topit Techniques by Pat Page
Torched and Restored
Torn - Daniel Garcia
Touched by an Angel
A Tribute to Verone - Henry Evans
Trick-Tac by Andrew Webb and Rob Lupine
Trick Cyclist - Andrew Normansell
Trilogy - Streamline
Trilogy Bikes
Trio Cigarette - Tenyo
The Triple Threat Wallet by Anthony Miller
TTs (Deluxe) - Fredi Up

Ultimate Card Through Window
Ultimate Coin Bag
Ultimate Magic Card Set
Ultimate Marked Deck
Ultimate Shocking Pen by Tenyo
Ultra Perfect Clipboard - Nelson
Ultrasmoke 2000
Urban Close-up Case

Vault Vision - Tenyo
Vernet Writer - Boon Type
Virus Card - Mark Leveridge
Voodoo Doll
Voodoo Kit - Larry White

Water to Beer
The Web - Jim Pace
The Web - Jim Pace
Weeja by Black Hart
What Your Future Holds by Rich Marotta
Whispering Box
White Bikes by Paul Richards
White Star by Jim Critchlow
Wild Bill
Wild Card
Wild Card
Wild Levitation
Witness - Lee Asher
The Wiz
Wizard PK Ring G2
The Wizard's Manual - Doc Hilford
Wooden Wonders (
A Word in a Million by Nicholas Einhorn
Workeroo - James Brown
The World Famous Banana Trick and Baby Banana Bonus by Dan Garrett
Wow - Masuda
Wow - Masuda

X-Ray Coin Box
XFinger by Geoff Weber
XL - Jay Sankey
Xpert by Neil Tobin

You Choose
You Know Who Card by Paul Brook

Zig Zag Can by Mikame Craft
Zig Zag Raccoon - Ickle Pickle

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Postby Lord Freddie » Aug 5th, '07, 18:55

Wow! Great work there!
Must have taken you ages!

Top marks old boy. :D

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Postby Replicant » Aug 5th, '07, 18:58

Lord Freddie wrote:Wow! Great work there!
Must have taken you ages!

Top marks old boy. :D

Nah, twas done in the blink of an eye compared to my next project - indexing the main Reviews forum! :shock:

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Postby Lord Freddie » Aug 5th, '07, 21:25

I must say, it will prove incredibly useful and may stop the double reviews. Hats off to you.

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Re: REVIEW INDEX: Last updated on Oct 5, 2009 at 3:12pm

Postby ellis_the_magician » Apr 22nd, '12, 22:13

thanks very helpfull :)

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Re: REVIEW INDEX: Last updated on Oct 5, 2009 at 3:12pm

Postby Mandrake » Apr 22nd, '12, 22:22

Sadly this feature is now woefully out of date but, once we can sort out a few forum glitches, we can begin to think about gradually updating it.

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